The Safest Phone Watch for Kids

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Josh Ruggles

DEC 13, 2022

The Safest Phone Watch for Kids

Digital technology is everywhere, and is continuously becoming more essential in modern society. If you have kids, this can be scary.

While many families have already given their kids a tech device, others are looking for ways to postpone their kids’ digital introduction. It really depends upon your circumstance and your child’s needs.

With shady people out there, staying connected is becoming more necessary. 

Also with most cell phones and kids’ watches, it’s difficult to find a device with enough capabilities to connect, while maintaining peace of mind for you. Most kids’ smart watches are either too much of a toy, or offer way too much access to everything. 

Gabb Watch 2 is a great first step for families with kids who are ready for their first device. If you’re looking for a first device for your little one, we’ve compiled some of the reasons why Gabb Watch 2 is parent approved.

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Less “smart.” More safety.

Gabb Watch 2 isn’t your average smart watch or other phone watch for kids. It’s not even really that smart—and that’s on purpose. It doesn’t have addictive games, internet access, or an app store. 

Connect safely. Sleep easy.

It’s the device that lets your child begin their digital journey the right way, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a true kid-safe device. So why is Gabb Watch 2 a great first device for your kid? 

Active GPS tracking

Give your child increased independence they want and need, without the stress of not knowing where they are. 

With the GPS tracker built into Gabb Watch 2, you’ll have the ability to easily track your child in real time, wherever they roam

You can also create custom safe zones that act as digital barriers that notify you when your small one strays a bit too far. 

map gps illustration

SOS emergency notification

The feature that you hope is never needed is one that can bring you a lot of peace of mind when equipped. 

If your child is ever feeling unsafe or scared, Gabb Watch 2 has a SOS button that can be activated by holding it for three seconds. Once triggered, it will immediately send a push notification to a parent’s phone, so you’ll be able to help your kid out of their situation.

Know who’s connected

Parental control is at the forefront of all of our devices, making it easy for you to decide who your child can contact. 

You can easily set up to 25 custom contacts in your kid’s Gabb Watch 2 to ensure safe, exclusive communication with people that you’re comfortable with. 

Your kid will be able to receive and initiate phone calls and voice messages from their parent approved contacts, without worrying about spam calls or contact from strangers.

contact illustration

Safe and easy messaging

Text messages with Gabb Watch 2 are an easy, fun, and safe way for your kid to start understanding digital communication. 

With customizable preset messages, your kid can easily let you know they’ve arrived home safely, or need to be picked up from school. They can also explore expressing themselves using emojis.

Beyond texts, the built-in microphone included with Gabb Watch 2 can record a voice message to send to the friends or family on their contact list. 

The preset message feature allows for quick responses customized to your kid’s needs and emoji messaging makes for fun communication.

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Productivity and focus

Because we know how addictive devices can be, we’ve put you, the parent, front-and-center to decide when, and for how long your kid’s device can be used.

Every Gabb device comes with access to the MyGabb parent app, which is your hub to check and edit location settings, device usage, and more. 

Gabb Watch 2 also brings the fun with GabbGo, a to-do list game that you can customize to reward your child for completing their chores. Completing tasks rewards your kid with coins they can use to buy digital pets, along with various tricks and accessories for their pets. 

Gabb Go makes it easy for your kid to have fun staying while active and productive.

Start counting and stay active

For the kids who want to know how far they’ve gone, or have goals to stay active, Gabb Watch 2 comes equipped with a step fitness tracker that will track their daily steps, so your child can stay on their feet.

Tech in steps

Getting your child their first device can feel daunting. That’s why Gabb creates our devices in steps

From Gabb Watch 2 to Gabb Phone, and Gabb Phone Plus, our products offer a bit more access to the digital world with each device upgrade. This means a safe, and logical path into tech devices that they’ll love, and you’ll feel good about.

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