Sending Out an SOS (to Mom): Kids Watch SOS Feature

APR 05, 2022

Sending Out an SOS (to Mom): Kids Watch SOS Feature

As parents, there are so many things to fear and worry about when it comes to the 

safety of kids. 

According to a survey conducted by ASecureLife, 30% of parents fear their 

children will be hurt in an accident, 25% fear that someone will hurt or attack their
children, and 14% fear their kids will be kidnapped or abducted.

That’s why many parents are turning to devices like the Gabb Watch, equipped with a GPS tracker and an SOS button that can dial an emergency contact at any time, to protect their 

kids from both physical and digital danger.

How do you use the SOS feature on a Gabb Watch?

Set up the SOS feature on a Gabb Watch in three easy steps:

  1. Download the MyGabb app and pair it with a Gabb Watch
  2. Choose an emergency contact
  3. Teach kids how and when to use the SOS button

Pairing a Gabb Watch with the MyGabb App

The MyGabb app is available for free on both Android and iOS.

Once the MyGabb app is downloaded to your device, you will need to log in to your Gabb account in order to begin the pairing process.

Then, click “Add Device” and follow the on-screen set-up instructions in order to pair the Gabb Watch with the MyGabb app.

Here is a 90-second video demonstrating the entire process.

Choosing an Emergency Contact

As soon as the Gabb Watch has been paired with the MyGabb app, you can add up to 10 contacts with whom the Gabb Watch can call and send voice messages or preset text messages. 

After contacts have been added to the Gabb Watch, you can select one of the added 

contacts as the emergency contact by clicking on the device profile in the MyGabb app, 

selecting “SOS Contact,” and choosing which contact to assign as the emergency contact.

It is not possible to set 911 as an emergency contact on the Gabb Watch so most people will either set themselves or a spouse as the assigned emergency contact (typically whoever is 

most available to respond to an emergency). 

Mother and Daughter laughing together on couch

Teaching Kids How and When to Use the SOS Button

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is teaching kids how and when to use the SOS button on their Gabb Watch.

Help Kids Understand What Constitutes an Emergency

Before teaching your kids how to use the SOS button, it’s important you teach them what an emergency is so that they know when to use the SOS button.

You can start by asking your child if they know what an “emergency” is and what 

they would do in different situations. 

Emergencies that you might consider discussing with your kids are:

  • Fires
  • Medical emergencies
  • Car accidents
  • Crimes
  • Stranger danger

For example, you could ask your child, “Is it an emergency if…:

  • a stranger tries to get you into their car?” YES
  • our dog gets sick?” NO
  • grandma falls down and doesn’t wake up?” YES
  • there is a fire in our fireplace?” NO
  • someone is choking and cannot breathe?” YES

Questions like these will help you understand what your child knows about emergencies and how they would react in different situations.

Show Kids How to Make an Emergency Phone Call

After your child understands what an emergency is, you can teach your child how to

make an SOS emergency phone call on the Gabb Watch.

Making an SOS call on a Gabb Watch is as easy; after your child presses the SOS button for 

10 seconds, your child’s emergency contact will automatically be dialed. 

Make sure your child knows who their assigned emergency contact is.

Have Kids Practice Making Emergency Calls

Finally, you can solidify everything that your child has learned by role playing some scenarios and have your child actually use the SOS button to make practice emergency calls to their emergency contact.

Get a Gabb Watch Today

When it comes to smartwatches for kids, the Gabb Watch is the perfect stepping stone 

to peace of mind—tripling as a cell phone, GPS tracker with real-time location tracking, and an interactive kids smart watch with a productivity and fitness tracker—the Gabb Watch has everything parents need to be able to live more, and worry less.


  • Victoria on Aug 29, 2022 09:29 PM

    Can my kid call 911 from the gabb phone plus?

  • Gabb on Sep 15, 2022 09:41 AM

    Yes! Any emergency number can be called.

  • Juan on Jan 25, 2023 07:13 AM

    Can my child dial 911 on the gab phone?

  • Gabb on Jan 26, 2023 10:58 AM

    Yes, your child can dial 911 on the Gabb Phone. For the Gabb Watch, there is an SOS button that would alert you but there is not a way to call 911 unless you would like that to be one of the 25 parent-approved contacts.

  • Tricia on Apr 14, 2023 10:50 AM

    I couldn't save 911 in contacts

  • Gabb on Apr 18, 2023 10:26 AM

    Hi Tricia, sorry about this! This doesn't sound normal, please contact our customer support at for some extra assistance!

  • tabbatha on Oct 05, 2023 05:54 PM

    I also cannot add 911 as a contact on my watch :(

  • Gabb on Oct 06, 2023 10:58 AM

    The Gabb Watch does not support an E911 function. You cannot add 911 as an approved contact. You can however, add a local police station or number as an approved contact on the watch if desired. The SOS feature on the device will notify the main/guardian contact on your MyGabb app of an SOS as well as call them.

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