Holiday pricing update on all Gabb devices

NOV 01, 2022

Holiday pricing update on all Gabb devices


Gabb was founded because there were no phones made for kids. The main options were flip style phones that were woefully outdated, or full smartphones that could allow kids to access anything and everything. Parents needed a safe and affordable option to stay connected with their kids — many still do. 

We’ve always been focused on making it easier for families to get the safest phone for their kids. In order to offer parents more options for getting their kid a Gabb device, we’ve updated our holiday pricing to help it fit their budget. Here’s how it works:

FREE Device | 2-year agreement

Don’t want the upfront cost for your kid’s first phone or watch? No worries, you can select the 2-year agreement option, and you get the device for free. This is a great option for those who plan to be a Gabb family for at least two years. Easy enough, right? Here’s how this looks on each of the devices.

Gabb Phone PlusGabb PhoneGabb Watch 2

*$25 activation fee. Available for all new lines and lines not in contract. 

50% off device | 1-year agreement

Want a shorter agreement, but still want to get a discount? The 1-year agreement might be a good option. Save 50% on the device, and only sign for 12 months. 

Gabb Phone PlusGabb PhoneGabb Watch 2

*$25 activation fee. Available for all new lines and lines not in contract. 

Full price device | No contract

Great for those who prefer to buy the phone and have no contract. This is great option if you’d rather pay now with flexibility on how long their kids use their Gabb device. 

Gabb Phone PlusGabb PhoneGabb Watch 2

*$25 activation fee. Available for all new lines and lines not in contract.

If you’re looking for a safe device for your kid, Gabb is great for helping kids feel independent, and giving parents more peace of mind. Now that you can pay the way that suits you best, you can start shopping for the world’s safest phones and watches for kids here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I recently purchased a device, will my monthly service plan increase?
A: No. If you purchased a device prior to Oct 27, 2022 you will keep your monthly service plan pricing.

Q: I recently ordered and I want to participate in this deal.
A: If you purchased after October 12th, 2022 and would still like to participate in the new pricing (reduced cost for device with higher monthly cost) please contact customer support and we’d be happy to help. Our team will credit you the difference between what you paid for your device and the current discounted phone cost. We will update your monthly service plan to a new 1 or 2 year contract and rate.

Q: I am a customer in a month to month service plan, how can I upgrade my device and get a discounted device (half off for a 1 year contract and free for a two year contract)?
A: For all customers upgrading a month-to-month line participating in a discounted device, login and select the device you will be upgrading. Checkout using the device upgrade option to go into a contract and receive half off or a free device.

Q: I am adding new line, can I get this deal?
A: Yes! All customers existing and new can get half off their device when signing up for a 1 year contract and a free device when signing up for a 2 year contract. Order at

Q: I am a customer in a current 1 or 2 year contract, can I upgrade the device and get half off or free?
A: Customers currently in contract do not qualify for the discounted device. You may order a replacement or upgrade device by contacting customer support. They can help you purchase a replacement or upgraded device and reset your contract.


  • Kent haney on Dec 10, 2022 08:14 PM

    How much is the monthly service charge? I’m confused on the plans

  • Gabb on Dec 13, 2022 05:19 PM

    Hi Kent! The monthly service charge changes depending on which device you would like. Here is a breakdown of all pricing plans available:

  • Rachel potts on Jan 14, 2023 08:02 PM

    Hi! We were planning to sign up in December for a 2 year contract and a free phone but decided to wait until our daughters birthday in January. It looks like we missed the free phone!! Is it still possible to get this deal?

  • Gabb on Jan 17, 2023 05:27 PM

    Hi Rachel, that deal is no longer active. Be sure to follow along on our Facebook or Instagram page and be the first to see upcoming deals.

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