An Emergency Phone for Your Kid Matters: Here’s Why

APR 12, 2022

An Emergency Phone for Your Kid Matters: Here’s Why

Drop off Kim at 5:30 for soccer practice. Pick up George from swimming lessons. Grab groceries on the way home. The life of a parent doesn’t stop. It’s a constant sprint. 

Sometimes this sprint means one of your kids could be home for 15 minutes by themselves while you run a quick errand, or another one may need to hold tight after practice for you to get there. This is where an emergency phone for kids becomes a necessity.

Emergency phones like the Gabb Phone are made for kids to stay connected with family and friends. When they are waiting a bit longer for you to pick them up, they can feel safe, knowing they can call or text you whenever they need to, and give you peace of mind that they’re able to stay connected or contact you in an emergency.

The Gabb Phone is the best emergency phone 

The Gabb Phone has everything they need to get in touch with you, including text messaging and calling, but nothing they don’t need. 

Without the internet, an app store, or addictive games, they won’t be hooked to their screen and won’t have access to inappropriate content. Perhaps most importantly, it has a set emergency contact and SOS button feature where they can alert you immediately if they’re in a tight spot.

It also comes equipped with a GPS tracker, and customizable safe zones, so you can always be in-the-know on where they are, and if they’re straying too far from where they should be. 

Here are a few ways Gabb devices help families stay connected while keeping the kids protected.

  • How Gabb Devices Protect Kids
    • No Internet
    • No Social Media
    • No App Store
    • No Unwanted Calls or Texts
  • How Gabb Devices Connect Families
    • Emergency Contact and SOS Button
    • Active GPS Tracking
    • Customizable Safe Zones
    • Unlimited Talk and Text 
    • More Life Beyond the Screen

By giving your kids a Gabb Phone for their first phone, you’re giving them more responsibility, so it’s important to help them learn the basics. 

Teach your kids how to use an emergency phone

Even though Gabb Phone is a great starter phone for kids, it’s important to teach them how and when to use it. Here are a few ways to show them the difference between an emergency and a regular need, and who to call in each scenario.

  • When to contact you (the emergency contact) or another caretaker
    • When they need a ride
    • If they’re homesick at a friends
    • If they forgot something at school
  • When to contact emergency services (911, etc.)
    • If there’s a fire
    • If someone is unconscious after an accident
    • If someone has trouble breathing, like during an asthma flare-up or seizure
    • If someone is choking
    • If they see a crime happening, like a break-in, mugging, etc.
    • If there’s a serious car accident

While you can add plenty of other scenarios to the list, it’s important to explain how and when to use their phone, so if these issues arise they know who to contact. 

An emergency phone can be a very important way to keep your busy lives connected, and Gabb Phone is the perfect solution.

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