Streaming Music for Kids: Keeping it Positive

Words by
Joseph Pratt

JUN 26, 2023

Streaming Music for Kids: Keeping it Positive

Music is a powerful force. Throughout history, it has been used to express emotions, tell stories, teach truth, foster social and familial bonds, and spark creativity. 

It’s not surprising that music seems hardwired into our DNA. We witness how young people turn to music to express themselves, show what they are experiencing, and affirm their identity. 

Listening to music is the most popular media activity for kids under 18, with three out of every four young people saying they enjoy listening to it “a lot” [1]

But parents are wise to be careful about what type of music their kids are exposed to. Explicit content normalizes unhealthy attitudes and behavior. 

Gabb Music is celebrating one year providing the world’s largest and safest music streaming platform for kids. 

Among our users, Taylor Swift is the most popular artist and I Ain’t Worried by One Republic is the top song.

Gabb Music is the most secure music app we reviewed and for that reason may be the best music app for kids.

—Defend Young Minds

Learn more below about the importance of clean music for kids.

Teens spend an average of 2.5 hours a day listening to music. Add that up, and that is 38 straight days a year with their tunes. In comparison, they spend 52 days a year studying in school, 6 days a year eating and 3 days a year playing outside.

Music is becoming more explicit. For 21 of the last 22 years, songs with explicit lyrics have topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Top 100 songs in the most popular music streaming service are twice as likely to be explicit today as in the past. Between 2010-2015, 18% of songs were explicit. Between 2016-2020, 35% of songs were explicit.

There are harmful effects of negative music. Streaming service filters give parents a false sense of security as many kids can easily bypass them. Many filters do not protect kids from sexual innuendo while exposing them to explicit content like uncensored videos, inappropriate album covers, and sexual and violent innuendo.

Kids are hurt by violent, misogynistic, man-hating lyrics. These lyrics increase anger, violence, and sexual aggression; antisocial behaviors; and sexist beliefs and actions. They decrease empathy, positive emotions, and prosocial behaviors.

Out With the Bad—In With the Good!

Finding music services that provide quality music for kids can be difficult. Many of the most popular music streaming platforms do not offer robust parental controls.

Gabb Music is an excellent alternative for parents. This kids’ music streaming service provides safe, popular music to kids without the need for parental controls. Get the music without the hassle of monitoring your kids’ listening!

Do you monitor your child’s music choices? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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