Gabb Cloud: More Than Safe Data Storage for Kids

JUL 26, 2022

Gabb Cloud: More Than Safe Data Storage for Kids

Internet access is dangerous if you want to protect your kids from scary content online. So how do you store your kids data without internet access?

We sat down with the Director of Gabb Cloud, Alen Peacock, to talk about Gabb Cloud, and why it is an exciting step for kid safety.

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Q: What is Gabb Cloud?

Alen: Gabb’s mission is to protect kids from the harmful effects of technology, but—until the launch of Gabb Cloud—we haven’t protected the memories kids were creating with their Gabb devices.

Gabb Cloud safely and privately stores kids’ photos, videos, contacts, and phone settings so that kids’ data will be protected against accidents due to theft, loss, or destruction of their phone. 

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In the future, Gabb Cloud will have additional features designed to connect families in unique ways, and introduce habits to keep kids safe with camera technology.

Q: How is Gabb Cloud different from other cloud services?

Alen: Unlike our big competitors in this space, Gabb is hyper-focused on kid safety and well-being; we are completely re-thinking the way that the world is approaching tech.

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Not only are we protecting kids’ data with the best security and encryption practices, but we are also looking beyond data storage and into other ways we can keep kids safe—like teaching them to use their cameras responsibly.

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Big Tech companies focus on individual privacy, but our focus is on connecting families. 

Young children want to share their photos with their parents, so we’re starting from a place where shared family experiences can become the default rather than the exception. 

For now, we are only offering backup and restore of this data to the child’s device, but we’ll have more to say about the broader mission over the coming years.

Q: What do you hope Gabb Cloud accomplishes for kids and families?

Alen: We want kids to document the cool things they are doing while living life beyond the screen, and have their experiences always accessible so that they can look back over their growth as they become who they want to be. 

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We also desperately want our technology to connect families. Gabb understands family relationships, and we hope to provide unique ways for families to enjoy life together, whether that’s with shared family albums or other experiences.


The most valuable content on anyone’s phone is the user-generated data that is one-of-a-kind. Apps and settings can be manually restored, but photos and videos, once lost, are irreplaceable. 

Gabb’s first offering, Cloud Protect, is a backup and recovery feature for kids’ phones, ensuring their data and settings are safe even when their phone is lost, destroyed, or stolen. 

As Gabb builds on this foundation, Gabb has the opportunity to do some really unique things that will strengthen family connections and teach children how to responsibly use camera technology that is becoming pervasive in society. 

Gabb will continue to harness its unique mission to provide features and benefits for kids that Big Tech competitors are unlikely to match.


  • Natalia on Nov 15, 2023 01:20 PM

    How do you access Gabb cloud?

  • Gabb on Nov 21, 2023 08:44 AM

    Here is a link to an article with all the information you might need for the Gabb Cloud: .If you have any further questions about this, be sure and reach out to our Customer Support team and they would be happy to help!

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