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Soon after families started using our initial product, Gabb Phone, we started hearing from parents who wanted the same Gabb safety but for a smartwatch that younger kids could wear. We jumped at the idea. At Gabb we’re committed to helping parents and kids navigate a digital world in all the ways that make sense for them so soon after our second kid-safe device was born. And in 2022 we unveiled a new-and-improved version: Gabb Watch 2. 

Gabb Watch triples as a cell phone, GPS device, and interactive watch. It is a stand-alone device that does not need to pair with other Gabb devices and offers the perfect first step into technology for kids who need to connect but aren’t yet ready for a handheld phone.

Gabb Watch Connectivity

No internet, no social media

It’s undeniable that unlimited access to the internet, social media, and other online platforms can cause children significant mental, emotional, and physical harm. Connection is a critical part of Gabb’s mission but never at the expense of protection.

Some apps allow users to access the internet through the app itself, making it relatively quick and easy to bypass internet blocking software. Gabb Watch does not give kids direct or indirect access to the internet, social media, or any apps that would allow kids to circumvent the protections they need. 

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Unlimited talk + text

All Gabb devices come with plans that include coverage on a nationwide 4G LTE network. Under the Gabb Plan, users receive unlimited talk and text service on a great flexible monthly plan to fit their child’s needs.

GPS tracking and safe zones

Gabb Watches come equipped with an active GPS tracker so parents can check in while their child is out, or use the Find My Phone feature to track down the device if it ever goes missing.

Customizable safe zones allow you to be notified any time your child enters or exits specified locations, like their school or your home. Setting safe zones, viewing the device location, and triggering the Find My Phone sound are simple to do through the parent’s Gabb Account (or MyGabb app) explained below.

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Parent-managed contact list

Gabb Watch allows for up to 25 parent-managed contacts so you don’t need to worry about any untrusted calls or messages reaching your child. Your child can only send and receive calls and voice texts from their contacts.

Preset texts, voice-messaging, and emojis

Gabb Watch is the perfect training ground for safe online communication. The 15 customizable text message presets allow for quick responses customized to your kid’s needs and a built-in microphone can record their voice messages and send them to any of their listed contacts. And, of course, kids love the emoji messaging that makes for fun communication.

SOS/Emergency contact

Safety is the top priority for Gabb Watch so it comes equipped with an SOS/emergency button that links to a primary contact (designated in the parent’s Gabb Account or through the MyGabb app). To use the SOS feature, a child presses the button on the side of the watch and holds it for 15 seconds so it’s easy to use but hard to trigger by accident.

Lock Mode

The lock mode feature keeps Gabb Watch a tool for connection, not distraction. Through the MyGabb app on your parent phone, you have unlimited access and complete control over how and when your kid uses their watch. When locked, Gabb Watch will only enable calls to and from their emergency contact.

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Gabb Go

Gabb Go is a preinstalled app only available on Gabb Watches that makes it fun for your kids to stay active and productive. Successfully checking off items from their to-do list or hitting daily step goals earns them coins that they can use on their digital pet.

Fun Task List

Gabb Go allows you to create custom to-do lists that let your kids earn coins for checking off repeating chores or one-off tasks.

Step Counter

Kids can also earn coins by walking a set number of steps each day, then extra coins for stepping beyond their goal. It encourages kids to stay active and provides a great incentive to keep the watch on at all times so you know the GPS tracker is giving you an accurate view of their location when they’re away from you.

Their Own Digital Pet

Now with nine different pet types to choose from, your child can learn responsibility by feeding, washing, and petting their digital friend. The coins earned by taking care of their pet, hitting their step count goals, and crossing off items on their to-do list can be cashed in to unlock new pets and mystery moves.

Gabb Watch Durability

Accidents happen, especially for kids just getting used to taking care of a phone. Gabb Phone was built to keep up with kids so it’s resistant against sweat, water, dirt, and sand. The 1.4 inch display (300 x 300) is the right size for a kid’s wrist and the the 500 mAh battery give the device plenty of life for active kids.  

Gabb Watch Customization

Gabb Watch 2 comes in two colors—space gray or silver—and allows kids to customize their watch with 6 menu themes and 8 backgrounds to choose from.

Every Gabb Watch comes equipped with a black TPE watch band and additional bands can be purchased to let your kid showcase their personality. They can choose from a collection of vibrant colors, Star Wars themed bands, and new velcro bands that make it easy for even the youngest hands to adjust.

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What to Expect

Gabb Watch is available for purchase and includes free shipping and a 15-Day Money Back Guarantee.

What’s in the Box

When purchased from gabb.com, all Gabb devices come preactivated so they’re ready to use right out of the box. Also included:

  • USB to POGO pin charging cable (3 feet long)
  • USB to wall outlet adapter
  • 1 black TPE watch band equipped with 2 silicone keeper loops for added security


Gabb Watch 2 retails at $149.99 and requires a phone plan that carries a monthly fee. You can pick from one of three options for that plan:

  • 2-year contract (lowest monthly fee)
  • 1-year contract
  • No contract (highest monthly fee)


As part of the online purchasing process, you will set up a free Gabb Account that allows you to view payment details, update payment information, and more (see below). Your plan’s billing cycle begins on the day you complete the online purchase and the card you use at checkout will be charged 3 days later, then monthly for the length of the contract.

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Gabb Account

In addition to managing payment details, your Gabb Account will allow you to take advantage of key Gabb features like lock mode, safe zones, and tracking your child’s device location.

You can log in to your Gabb Account on any internet-enabled device and can also download the MyGabb app (on Apple or Android) using the same login credentials. Most parents prefer the app for things like location tracking because it’s quick and convenient.

Customer Support

Gabb employs a full Customer Support team ready to answer questions via text, call, or email Monday-Saturday. We also have a robust library of helpful articles and videos about common Gabb Watch questions so you can find answers as quick as you can click, 24/7.

Questions? Comments?

Did we miss anything? If you still have questions about Gabb Watch, let us know in the comments below.

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Jake Cutler is a dad first and joined Gabb because helping his boys thrive in a digital world is one of the things he and his wife think about constantly. Prior to Gabb, Jake managed bands and taught Literature and Creative Writing at Brigham Young University and BYU-Hawaii. His own writing has been published by Esquire, Forbes, and various other magazines and literary journals.

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