Teen Slang: Decoding Gen Z

Words by
Jackie Baucom

MAR 08, 2024

Teen Slang: Decoding Gen Z

As a parent, you’ve probably overheard some slang from your kid. They may say things like, “I’m amped about my drip today,” or, “He’s got rizz. Giving off major BDE.”

Maybe they’ve said something like, “No cap, this sandwich is bussin’,” or, “Spill the tea, sis!” 

The lingo our kids use every day may be incomprehensible to us, but these words actually have meaning — some we may know, and some we can understand from the context of the conversation. 

A number of these slang terms were created by past generations, while other are new terms that parents can be pretty clueless about. Some of these words are made up, shortened, or said as acronyms. Some slang terms are everyday words but hold different meanings. Many new terms stem organically from the online platforms kids commonly use to communicate today (which underscores the need for safe tech, especially when it comes to messaging).

We’ve come up with a list of popular slang words to help parents better understand their kids and their friends. This list is not comprehensive. Our team will add more words as we collect them and slang trends emerge. 

Gen Z Slang by Gabb

It’s important to note that slang terms can vary widely based on location, culture, and generation, and some may have different meanings or connotations depending on the context.


Addy – Abbreviation for Address.

I’ll meet you there, just send me the addy.

AF – An acronym that stands for As f**k.

I had the time of my life at the concert. It was lit AF!

Amirite – An informal way to say “am I right,” used to seek agreement after making a statement.

That taco was bomb, amirite?

Amped – Excited

I’m amped for the concert tonight!


Bae – Boyfriend or girlfriend.

Wait, bae is calling me.

Bandwagon – Someone who takes an interest in something just to fit in with the crowd.

Maggie suddenly loves rugby, she is a major bandwagon fan.

Basic – Someone who is unoriginal and only interested in popular, trending things.

She’s so basic with her pumpkin spice latte.

BBG – An acronym that stands for baby girl, describing something or someone cute. It can also stand for: Better be going, a polite way to end a conversation. 

I love that dress on you bbg!

Bbg, I have soccer practice.

BDE – An acronym that stands for: Big dick energy, someone who is secure and exudes confidence without arrogance.

I knew she would get the internship—she has major BDE!

Bed rot – Spending extended periods of time in bed, often engaging in activities like watching TV or reading.

After a hectic week, I’m looking forward to some much-needed bed rot this weekend.

Bet – In agreement with something, or used for okay or affirmative.

Person 1: Want to come over to my house?

Person 2: Bet!

Boomer/Okay Boomer – A dismissive retort used to mock the opinions, ideas, or attitudes of older individuals, particularly members of the Baby Boomer generation.

When Clayton’s great-uncle started complaining about millennials’ work ethic, he responded with, “Okay, Boomer.”

Boujee – Rich, luxurious, fancy

You grew up going to this boujee country club? 

Bussin’ Something is really good.

This burrito is bussin’! I’m definitely coming back here.

Buttah – A compliment that describes something that is smooth, easy, and good. 

That new song you dropped is pure buttah.


Cap – Lying or faking.

I actually went to class today. No cap.

Cash – Awesome or cool.

That new movie is so cash!

Catch feels – Develop romantic or emotional attachment to someone.

I noticed Lea starting to catch feels for Bruce.

Caught in 4k – Someone caught in the act of something compromising.

He thought he could get away with lying, but we have him caught in 4k.

Chad – A stereotypical, confident, dominant male. Often used humorously and with negative connotations. 

He thinks he knows everything. He’s such a Chad.

Cheugy – Someone or something that is out-of-date, unfashionable, or trying too hard.

I can’t believe she’s still wearing skinny jeans, that’s so cheugy.

Cray cray – Short for crazy.

I’ve been so busy this week, it’s cray cray!

Cringe – A feeling of embarrassment and discomfort.

Watching Annie try to talk to James was so cringe.

Crossfaded – Being drunk and high at the same time.

Richie shouldn’t drive, he’s crossfaded.


Dank – Excellent, high quality.

The party last night was dank!

Dap – A gesture of greeting or expression of admiration between two people performed with hands, similar to a low-five and handshake.

That was sick! Dap me up!

Dayroom – Something or someone that is basic and uninteresting.

Everything about him is dayroom.

Delulu – Abbreviation for Delusional. Someone who has unrealistic or irrational beliefs, and is disconnected from reality.

His delulu theories are entertaining, but far-fetched.

Dip – To leave suddenly or early.

I’m about to dip.

DL – An acronym that stands for: Down low, referring to an activity or information that is meant to be kept discreet.

We’ve been talking, but we’re keeping it on the DL for now.

Dope Something that is exceptional or awesome.

That bike is dope!

Dox – To seek out and publish private information online about someone, usually with malicious intentions. 

Jennifer got doxed after getting in a fight with someone during an online game, now her address and phone number are all over social media.

Drag – To mock or humiliate someone.

Bettie will never be invited back after she dragged Peter.

Drip – Sophisticated or stylish in appearance.

You got drip with those new shoes.

DTF – An acronym that stands for Down to f**k. Indicates a person’s willingness to engage in sexual activity.

She asked him if he was DTF, but he wasn’t sure how to respond.

Dub – Short for W, meaning win or winner.

We took the dub.


Egirl/Eboy – Frequently found on TikTok, it’s someone who has adopted an edgy style including a blushed nose, heavy eyeliner, and little hearts under the eyes.

I’ve been thinking about changing my style to something more like an Eboy.

Extra – Attention grabbing or dramatic.

I didn’t invite her, she’s too extra.


Facts – Emphasizes agreement of something that is accurate or true.

Person 1: His new album is fire. Person 2: Straight facts!

Faded – Being under the influence of marijuana.

You should have seen her last night, she was so faded.

Fan service –  Elements added to an entertainment piece that is a subtle nod to avid fans, like an inside joke that other viewers won’t understand. Also known as easter eggs.

If you’re a Marvel fan you’ll love this episode. It has a ton of fan service.

FFA – Free for all, in a multi-player video game all players must fend for themselves.

I wish we could play in teams and not FFA.

Finna – Abbreviation for fixing to, or going to.

I’m finna go to the mall.

Finsta – A combination of the words “fake” and “Instagram.” Refers to a secondary or private Instagram account that users create to share content with a smaller, more selective audience.

She posted silly selfies and behind-the-scenes moments on her finsta for her close friends to see.

Fire –  Amazing or exciting.

That waterslide is fire!

Fit – An outfit.

You’re always so fashionable. Amazing fit!

Flavored air – Vaping.

He always has flavored air.

Flex – To flaunt or brag about something.

He’s flexing with those kicks.

FML – F**k my life, often used at the conclusion of a negative story.

I missed the bus this morning so I had to walk all the way to school. FML.

FR – An acronym that means: For real, to agree with someone.

Person 1: The homework was so hard.

Person 2: FR.

FRFR – Abbreviation for: for real for real. A way to emphasize sincerity or seriousness.

I’m tired of waiting for my ride in this cold weather, FRFR!

FTW – An acronym that means: For the win. An enthusiastic emphasis to express approval or support.

I just tried the best Thai restaurant. Mango sticky rice FTW!

Fugly – F***ing ugly, or extremely ugly.

I can’t believe I wore that! It’s so fugly.

Furry – A person who is a fan of anthropomorphic animals (animals with human characteristics), or someone who dresses up to resemble the animal.

He’s got a fursuit—he’s a legit furry.

FYP – Refers to TikTok’s “For You Page” that’s filled with recommended content and videos personalized for the viewer.

My FYP had the weirdest feed today.


Gassing – Exaggerating someone else’s abilities, accomplishments, or qualities.

She’s already confident enough, she doesn’t need any more gassing.

Ghost – Cutting off communication with someone with no explanation.

We went on a date, and then he ghosted me.

GG – An acronym that stands for: Good game, used to acknowledge a player’s skill at the end of multiplayer video games.

GG! We should play again sometime.

Giving me life – Something or someone that is exciting.

This warm weather is giving me life!

Glow-up – A major transformation in appearance in a way that is generally perceived as attractive.

She had a glow-up. She looks great!

GOAT – An acronym that stands for: Greatest of all time, praising someone for being the best.

My coach is the GOAT!

Granola – A person who is environmentally aware, and enjoys the outdoors.

You’ll probably run into her on a hike. She’s a granola.

Guap – A large sum of money.

Sally must have paid a guap for those shoes.

Gucci – Fancy, fashionable, or excellent.

Person 1: I’ll pick you up in 10. 

Person 2: Gucci.

Gyat – Abbreviation for girl your a** is thick, and also godd**n. A way to express admiration and excitement, usually about someone’s backside.

Gyat! Those jeans make you look so good!


Hammered – Extremely intoxicated from alcohol or drugs.

He was so hammered we had to take him to the E.R.

Heated – Angry or frustrated.

He got heated when he thought I took his ball.

Heem – A better version of something, the total package.

The new boy is heem!

Hella Skrilla – To have a large sum of money.

My parents went out of town and left me hella skrilla.

Here for this – Excited about something, showing support.

You’re an amazing artist. I’m here for this.

High key – Something that is overt, obvious, or done with a high level of intensity. 

I high key love that new movie.

Highlighter kid – A young child who wears neon colored clothes.

Look for Adam! You can’t miss him, he’s a highlighter kid.

Hits different – Something that is special, unique, or causes a strong emotional reaction that is difficult to articulate.

My mom’s cooking just hits different.

Hollywood – A negative change in behavior in someone who achieves success and looks down on their past life.

After Alice made the cheerleading team she became Hollywood.

Hop off – An expression used to tell someone to stop bothering or annoying another.

When he kept pestering her with questions, she told him to hop off and give her some space.

Hot take – A strongly worded and often controversial opinion on a current event or popular topic.

I watched the new superhero movie. The cast was amazing, but the storyline was sketch. That’s my hot take for the day.

Hype – Excited, or something is good.

This song is so hype!


Ick – A feeling of disgust towards someone or something.

Did you see how mean he was to his little brother? That’s such an ick.

ICYMI – An acronym that stands for: In case you missed it.

ICYMI, I’m headed to Cal State this fall!

IRL – An acronym that stands for In real life. Used to distinguish between online and offline interactions.

He has a lot of online friends, but he’s never met them in IRL.

IYKYK – An acronym that stands for: If you know, you know. Indicates insider knowledge or a shared experience between a group of people.

The ski trip was wild! IYKYK.

Juul – A brand of electronic cigarettes, also known as a vape.

She discreetly pulled out her Juul and took a puff while waiting for the bus.


KDA – An acronym that stands for: Kills/Deaths/Assists, a tally of how many kills, deaths, and assists a gamer has in a game.

Your KDA was dope this game.

Keep it 100 – To be honest, genuine, and authentic in all situations.

I appreciate when my friends keep it 100 with me, even if the truth might be hard to hear.

Krunk – Extremely intoxicated with a mixture of alcohol and drugs.

He got krunk last night.


L – Loss, loser.

He took the L.

Left on read – When someone has read a message sent to them, but has not responded to it.

I texted him last night, but he left me on read. I’m not sure if he’s busy or just ignoring me.

LFG – An acronym that stands for: Let’s f**king go, excited for an upcoming event or competition.

I’m cheering on my team tonight. LFG!

Lit – Exciting, excellent, or intoxicated.

The movie was lit!

LMAO – An acronym that stands for: Laughing my a** off, indicates something is funny.

Remember when I fell going up the stairs? LMAO!

LMS – An acronym that stands for: Like my status, used on social media asking for viewers to like the content.

LMS to enter the giveaway.

LOLAn acronym that stands for: Laugh out loud, expressing amusement at something.

LOL at your ostrich video!

Looksmaxxing – Boys who are trying  to improve their appearance through various methods such as a new haircut, implementing a skincare routine, exercising, and changing their diets.

Connor really embraced looksmaxxing. He looks completely different.


Mad – Really, extremely, or crazy.

It’s mad hot outside.

Menty b – Abbreviation for Mental breakdown.

There’s too much going on right now. I feel on the edge of a menty b.

Mewing – A facial exercise technique involving proper tongue placement to accentuate a sharp jaw.

Her jawline is looking snatched. I bet she’s been mewing.

Mid – Average or not great.

That show was mid.

Mogging – One- upping someone on appearance and attractiveness.

I wonder if Jared realizes he’s mogging everyone in the weight room.

Munch – A person who performs oral sex on a woman.

I don’t want to date him, he’s a munch.


Netflix and chill – A euphemism for hooking up.

I asked Ricky if he wanted to Netflix and chill, and he actually came ready with popcorn. lol

NGL – An acronym that stands for: Not gonna lie, admitting something honestly and openly.

A lot of people didn’t like the movie, but ngl, I loved it.

NSFW – An acronym that stands for Not safe for work. Used to label content, such as images, videos, or links, that may contain explicit or inappropriate material not suitable for viewing in a professional or public setting.

I can’t open that link right now. It’s marked as NSFW, and I’m at school.


OMG – An acronym that stands for: Oh my gosh/God, indicates something is shocking or surprising.

omg, I can’t believe you just said that!

OML – An acronym that stands for: Oh my Lord, an exclamation of surprise or excitement.

oml, you scared me!

OMW – An acronym that stands for: On my way, a way to indicate a person is en route.

omw! I’ll be there in 20.

ONG – On God, a way to show strong agreement with something, similar to “I swear to God.”

I just saw them kissing! ong

On fleek – Perfectly done, exactly right, excellent.

Your make up is on fleek.

On point – Perfect, exactly right. 

His outfit is on point.

Only in Ohio – Used to label things that are strange or cursed.

Why are there rats on the train? Only in Ohio.

OTP – An acronym that stands for One true pairing. Refers to a favorite or ideal romantic pairing between characters in a book, movie, TV show, or video game.

I’ve shipped this OTP since the pilot episode. They have the best chemistry on screen.


Periodt – Emphasizes the  finality and decisiveness of a statement.

He’s the best dancer in the group, periodt.

Poggers – An expression of excitement, amazement, or enthusiasm. Mostly used by gamers.

When he pulled off that incredible play, the chat exploded with poggers.

Pressed – Feeling annoyed or stressed about something.

Why are you so pressed?

Pulling – To attract attention from romantic interests.

I saw him pull at least five girls at the party.

Put on blast – To embarrass someone publicly over social media by denouncing or exposing them.

He was put on blast for breaking up with her over a text.

Pwn – To have power over someone or something.

That math test just pwned me!



Rad – Awesome, or very good.

This view is rad.

Ratchet – Someone who is out of control, or tacky.

I’m so sick of these ratchet girls coming over.

Read – Publicly pointing out someone’s flaws.

We don’t hang out anymore, he was always reading me.

Receipts – Evidence or proof of someone’s actions or words, often used to support a claim.

When she accused him of lying, he came prepared with receipts, showing screenshots of their conversations to prove his point.

Rent free – Obsessing over someone or something, living inside someone’s head.

What he said to me still lives in my head rent free.

Rizz – The ability to seduce or charm a potential love interest.

That boy has so much rizz, he hasn’t been single since elementary school.

ROTFLMAO – An acronym that stands for: Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off. A humorous and exaggerated way to express that something is funny or amusing.

When she told her joke, everyone replied with ROTFLMAO and a string of laughing emojis.

RN – Abbreviation for: right now. Indicates something that’s happening at the present moment.

I’m busy rn, can I call you later?

RPG – An acronym that stands for: Role-playing game, a genre of games where the player controls a character and explores an imaginary world. 

She’s really into RPG.


Salty – Upset, resentful, or irritated. 

He was salty after losing, so I told him to leave the game.

Savage – A fierce or bold person.

He’s savage on the court.

Say less – Agreement or understanding, so no further explanation is needed because the point has been understood.

When she suggested going to their favorite restaurant, he simply nodded and said, “say less.”

Sending me – Response to a funny text message, expressing extreme amusement.

lollll that panda meme is sending me!

Shade – Subtle contempt or disgust for someone.

Did she just throw shade at me?

Ship – To support the romantic relationship between two people.

I totally ship Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner.

Shook – Shocked or surprised.

She actually did the assignment. I’m shook!

Shorty – An attractive girl

Hey, shorty! Let’s go grab a drink.

Sick – Cool or awesome.

Did you see that tackle? That was sick!

Simp – Someone who is desperate for affection or romantic relationships.

Dude, you’re being such a simp

Slap – Amazing or excellent.

This song slaps!

Slay – Doing something extremely well.

You slayed your dance recital!

Small dick energy – Someone who is insecure, but acts overly confident to compensate.

I would never date him. He has small dick energy.

Smash – To have casual sex with someone or to hook up.

I love that actor! I would totally smash him.

SMH – Abbreviation for shaking my head. Used when there are no words to describe something stupid.

I warned Zane he didn’t have enough time to shower before his flight. I was right, he missed it. Smh.

Smut – Sexually explicit written content like romance novels or some fanfiction. 

That book is just smut.

Snatched – Perfect, attractive.

She was looking snatched at the dance.

Sneaky link – A secret hookup or relationship.

She was my sneaky link last year.

SO – An acronym that stands for: Shout out, a public expression of greeting, praise, or acknowledgement directed towards a person. It is also known for Significant Other.

SO to Sophie for taking this picture of me.

Stan – A mixture of stalker and fan, someone who is obsessed with a person.

I used to stan him so bad in junior high.

Stoked – Very Excited

I was so stoked he invited me.

Sus – Suspicious, suspect.

Are you hiding something? You’ve been acting super sus lately. This originates from the game Among Us.

Swerve To go out of one’s way to avoid someone.

I swerved when I saw my ex.

Swole – Having big muscles.

My goal for this year is to get really swole.

Swoop – To give someone a ride, or get a ride from someone.

Since your car’s in the shop, I’ll swoop in 10.


Take a seat – A dismissive or sarcastic remark, suggesting that someone should calm down or stop talking.

I have it all under control, why don’t you take a seat.

Tea – Gossiping about something.

Sarah will know about that, just ask her. She loves to spill the tea.

TFW – An acronym that stands for: That feeling when, used to describe an emotionally charged experience.

TFW you cozy up with a hot chocolate watching the snowfall outside.

Thirsty – Someone who is desperate or eager for attention, approval, or sex.

He followed my Instagram account and immediately liked all my posts. He’s so thirsty.

Thirst Trap – A sexually provocative photo, video, or comment posted on social media, often with the intention of receiving attention from viewers. 

All he posts are thirst traps on Tiktok.

Totes – Short for totally, completely.

She was totes out of line for saying that.

Touch grass – Used to encourage someone to spend more time in the real world instead of online.

After spending the entire weekend playing video games, his friends told him it was time to touch grass and get some sunlight.


Understood the assignment – When someone goes above and beyond.

This was the best birthday ever! You definitely understood the assignment.

Upper decky – A term for a Zyn (nicotine pouch) that’s placed against the upper gums.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Heidi without an upper decky.


V – Abbreviation for Very.

I’m v excited for prom next weekend.

Vanilla – Ordinary, boring, lacking special features.

I tried having a conversation with him, but he’s so vanilla.

Vibe – A feeling, an ambience.

I love your whole vibe.

VSCO girl – (pronounced visco), A young, usually white, girl who is adorned in trendy things and posts pictures edited on the VSCO app. 

She’s wearing an oversized t-shirt, Birks, and has a huge Hydro Flask. She’s definitely trying to be a VSCO girl.


W – Win, Winner.

Our team took the W.

Wallflower – An introvert, someone who avoids the limelight and is more comfortable standing on the sidelines of an activity.

She’s always been a wallflower at school dances.

Whip – A car, especially one that is stylish.

She just pulled up in her new whip.

Whole meal – Describes someone who looks really good.

Dave looks like the whole meal.

Woke – Someone who is aware of important facts, and racial and social injustices. 

I used to be ignorant of what was happening around me, but now I’m woke.

WYA – An acronym that stands for Where you at? Commonly used in text messages to ask someone about their current location.

Let me know wya and I’ll come meet up.


Xan – Abbreviation for: Xanax, a sedative used to treat anxiety which is often abused.

I hope his dad finally realizes who’s been stealing his xan.


YAAS – An enthusiastic way of saying “yes.” Used to express excitement, approval, or agreement.

Yaas, queen! Way to nail that dance routine.

Yeet – To throw something forcefully.

He just yeeted a peanut butter jar out the window.


Zaddy – A handsome, fashionable, older man.

She found a zaddy as soon as she graduated.

Parents Can Better Support Kids Through Slang

All kids want love and attention from their parents in real life, even if they don’t always seem like they do. When we take the time to learn about the way our children speak, it shows kids that we prioritize our relationship and communication.

We can use appropriate slang words once in a while to make our kids laugh. Use it correctly, or not — kids will appreciate the effort. NGL, our teens may roll their eyes and call us thirsty, but we all know deep down they think we’re fire.

What is your experience with teen slang? Share your stories in the comments!


  • James on Jul 05, 2023 09:05 AM

    I appreciate what your doing here, but teaching our kids to speak correct grammar is a good idea too.

  • Gabb on Jul 05, 2023 02:30 PM

    We agree!

  • Texas Mom on Jul 05, 2023 08:19 PM

    This is soo helpful thank you soo much for the updates! We appreciate the extra support!

  • Gabb on Jul 10, 2023 09:06 AM

    Of course! We are glad to hear that you find this helpful!

  • Kara on Jul 11, 2023 02:38 PM

    Thanks for these! I've heard many of them, but some are new. You need to add SMH, I have to google it every time I hear it LOL

  • Gabb on Jul 12, 2023 12:53 PM

    Glad that you found these helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  • Hailey on Nov 13, 2023 11:36 AM

    Hi I’m from Harlem I just wanted to add some words you might have forgotten or missed : • dub : ( depending the way it’s used ) deny, reject, ignore, &/or dead to you . Ex: He keeps playing w/ my time he’s a DUB. • jawn : describes a female ; Ex : that JAWN is looking good • Buttah : ( butter ) compliment, looks good, smooth, impressive. Ex: oh you think you BUTTAH ?? • my lil yea yea : sum1 yu talk 2 on the low. Ex: my best friend don’t know he’s MY LIL YEA YEA • dayroom : basic , lame , wack. Ex : everything about him is DAYROOM • bandwagon : sum1 who likes sumthing to fit in w/ others. Ex : you really just a BANDWAGON Ass Bitch • Hollywood : change in behavior actin like sum1 who thinks they “made it” , not speaking to ppl , acts too good . Ex : now that she got a Lil car she HOLLYWOOD

  • Gabb on Nov 15, 2023 10:39 AM

    Thanks Hailey!

  • Milo on Dec 28, 2023 10:19 AM

    while this posting is helpful, the title is really misleading as it combines a lot slang that existed before Gen Z, like bet or cray, those are from the millennial generation. also with the gaming slang such as kda and pwn are definitely pre gen Z. even rpg is before the millennial generation, i would think would be Gen X because of the early days of dungeons and dragons which is a form of table top role playing game (ttrpg)

  • Gabb on Dec 29, 2023 02:25 PM

    We really appreciate your thoughts on this article and the title. We love hearing feedback and being able to improve because of it. Thank you Milo!

  • Jen on Feb 01, 2024 06:41 AM

    I love this! I text my child every morning before school and purposely hack terms for amusement, e.g. “have a bussin day”Thanks for adding to my repertoire.

  • Gabb on Feb 08, 2024 10:48 AM

    We love this, thank you for sharing!

  • Sixta Baumann on Feb 08, 2024 08:10 PM

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this site. I’m hoping the same high-grade site post from you in the future as well. Actually your creative writing skills has encouraged me to get my own site going now. Actually blogging is spreading its wings and growing fast. Your write up is a great example.

  • Sherrill Marcoochieo on Feb 21, 2024 11:40 AM

    I LOVE this site. And I LOVE this post. This helped me and my kids connect with all the "sigma" slang. I Love this and more people and parents should take a look! Thank you gabb; Sending love from the Marcoochieo family!

  • Gabb on Feb 21, 2024 05:44 PM

    We are so glad to hear this helped you and your family. Thank you for your support Sherrill!

  • Maralee Smith on Mar 04, 2024 10:17 PM

    I absolutely loved this! My and my kids have been connecting so much now that I finally know what they are talking about lolll! I love this site! Thank you for the help! #SendingLove

  • Gabb on Mar 05, 2024 06:11 PM

    We LOVE this!

  • Amy on Mar 06, 2024 03:12 PM

    I am a teacher. I try to keep up with the latest slang. I have been hearing kids calling each other "neon" lately. Does anyone have any idea what this means?

  • Gabb on Mar 06, 2024 06:03 PM

    This would be great to know, thank you for sharing!

  • ZsWKYLrQtPicdMn on Mar 21, 2024 12:08 PM


  • What Does Sus Mean? Sus Meaning in Slang on Mar 26, 2024 09:57 AM

    […] you still have questions? Let us know in the comments. And check out our full Gen Z Slang Guide for more insight on unfamiliar words your kids may be […]

  • shree on May 03, 2024 04:15 AM

    Thank you for the insightful exploration of teen slang! Your blog gives an enjoyable and informative glimpse into the evolving language of brand-new youth. It's captivating to see how language adapts and displays cultural shifts. Keep up the exquisite work.

  • Karen on May 15, 2024 09:35 PM

    Thank you! It's so helpful to know what a lot of these mean. Whenever I hear one that I'm not familiar with I ask my kids but I don't always get the definition, sometimes it's more the rolled eyes like I'm thirsty lol It's really nice knowing exactly what they mean.

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