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Hot Takes: Kids Say It, but What Does it Mean?

Words by
Morgan Wilcock

APR 16, 2024

Hot Takes: Kids Say It, but What Does it Mean?

Imagine you tell your child your opinion on something and they respond with, “That’s a hot take.”

What do they mean by that? Agreement? Disagreement? Dissatisfaction with the conversation? 

Let’s talk about what “hot take” means!

What is a Hot Take? 

Hot takes are controversial opinions that go against the general consensus on an issue or situation. The phrase “hot take” has been around since about 2012.

It describes a “take,” which is a distinct or personal point of view, outlook, or assessment, as being “hot,” or of intense and immediate interest. Believe it or not, this relatively novel phrase is in the dictionary!

Hot Take
“A quickly produced, strongly worded, and often deliberately provocative or sensational opinion or reaction.”

A hot take isn’t necessarily a wrong answer, but rather an opinion that can be justified despite unpopularity. 

Where Did Hot Take Come From?

In pop culture, the term was originally used by sportscasters. These sports hosts would spit out angry and controversial “hot takes” about viewers’ favorite players, inviting floods of calls and criticisms from fans into the studio. This inevitably increased engagement in their talk shows and increased revenue. 

Nowadays, the phrase is everywhere, from innocent social media posts to political articles and news outlets.

Hot Takes Game

As a family, you could make your own game of hot takes! Each family member could give a controversial opinion, such as a food hot take like whether spears are the best pickle shape, or a fashion hot take like whether crocs are fashionable anymore. 

The game is meant to get people talking about their opinions and preferences, and it’s great for road trips or family game nights. 

There is a card game available for purchase called Hot Takes, which has cards with prompts for players to discuss. However, the game is rated 17+ for mature language and references so it may not be suitable for many families. 

Examples of Hot Takes

Here are some notable hot takes from high schoolers

  • Hot take: skinny jeans are still stylish
  • Hot take: pineapple is not good on pizza
  • Hot take: Instagram is better than Snapchat
  • Hot take: soup is gross 
  • Hot take: cold showers are better than hot showers

Where “Hot Take” Becomes Serious

It’s important to note that calling someone’s opinion a hot take tends to shut down another person’s argument, with little room for discussion. Rather than disagreeing by opening up a dialogue and discussing an issue, calling an opinion “a hot take” doesn’t allow for growth in one’s mindset.

mother and teen son have uncomfortable conversation

A hot take is also a way that some people get away with stating an opinion that isn’t backed by research or evidence. Evidence behind your hot take about pineapple on pizza isn’t necessary, but it is for arguments about topics with more serious implications like heated political or social issues.

What Parents Can Do

It’s important for kids to know that they are welcome to express themselves, even when they have hot takes. When a child’s opinion is dismissed or they feel that they are not accepted, they may socially withdraw, which can cause loneliness and low self-regard.

Encourage your children to speak kindly to others and be patient with other opinions, even if they disagree. Kids should also know how to seek out and trust reliable information by becoming more media literate

What did we miss? What are some hot takes your kids have? How do you discuss hot takes in your house? Let us know in the comments! 

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