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Kids Phone Plans: Empower Kids With Tailored Tech

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Jake Cutler

NOV 01, 2023

Kids Phone Plans: Empower Kids With Tailored Tech

Gabb is driven by a belief that kids and teenagers deserve a unique relationship with technology. We’ve seen unprecedented tech advancements in the last couple decades but those have focused almost entirely on tools made for adults.

As kids grow and parents begin searching for good tech options for their kids, things can feel overwhelming in a hurry. A lot of parents find themselves asking questions like: 

  • Are there devices that limit screen time and social media? Or do I need parental controls for that?
  • Are there mobile plans specifically for kids and teens?
  • Do kids need plans that offer unlimited amounts of data?
  • Does my kid need a phone plan with text and data? What about unlimited talk and text?
  • Will a family plan save money?
  • Does my kid’s phone need to be connected to my phone number?

It can feel like a lot. So much so that it can be tempting to just say no to tech for your kids or stop asking questions and simply hand down an old iPhone or Android.

But we all know neither of those are great options.

Kids can’t be kept from technology for long. And given the immense positive potential of technology, we wouldn’t want them to be anyway.

On the other hand, the digital dangers out there are real. Kids need technology that was created for them—not adult tech with some safety features slapped on as an afterthought.

If this all sounds familiar to you, know that Gabb was founded by parents in the exact same position. We think the right approach is tech that starts with kid-safe connection as the first thought. Our goal is to help families approach tech in steps. That applies to phone plans and devices.

Below we cover:

  • Gabb Phone Plans
  • Gabb Devices
  • Gabb Family Plan
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The right plans for kids and teens

The way kids interact with technology is directly shaped by both the service plans and products they use. Growing up is a gradual process so at Gabb each of those categories has been designed to offer parents options for all the stages of their kid’s development and tech maturity. At Gabb, we refer to our individual plan options as bundles and each is explained below.

Gabb Bundles: Kid-safe Phone Plans

Every family is unique so our bundles are designed to provide the access your child or teen needs, when they need it.


This is the ideal bundle for kids and teens just beginning their tech experience. They get a secure environment without internet access, social media, or app stores. Gabb’s essential apps come preloaded and offer a protected introduction to technology. This plan promotes a safe and controlled experience, excluding group and image texting.

The Starter bundle includes:

Available Add-ons:


Our Standard bundle is perfect for responsible kids and teens who want more communication options. It includes essential apps like Gabb Music—the largest kid-safe music streaming service—group texting, MMS messaging, and a list of age-appropriate third-party apps that meet Gabb’s safety standards.

The Standard bundle includes:

Available Add-ons:


The Advanced bundle builds on the features of the Standard bundle and is ideal for tech-savvy teens and kids who need more flexibility. In addition to essential apps, they can enjoy a variety of Gabb-reviewed 3rd-party apps that are tailored to their needs but can only be added by parents through the parent portal. This bundle also includes data access for enabled apps that require that feature.

The Advanced Plan includes:

Available Add-ons:

Gabb Devices

In addition to plan options, we also offer devices that are thoughtfully designed for different stages of a child’s development from grade school to high school. 

Gabb Watch 3: The safe phone kids wear.™

As the first step in kid-safe tech, Gabb Watch 3 offers GPS monitoring, safe connection, and fun productivity apps that kids love.

Gabb Watch 3

Gabb Phone: The perfect first phone. 

The smart, safe, and ready-to-connect device for kids who are ready for their first phone, Gabb Phone is built for safe connection, and freedom to explore.

Gabb Phone

Gabb Phone 3 Pro: The Flexible Phone for Teens

The most adaptable Gabb device, Gabb Phone 3 Pro provides Gabb safety with an ever-growing list of Gabb-reviewed, parent-approved apps ready to meet your teen where they are.

Gabb Phone 3 Pro

Gabb Family Plans

To help families with multiple kids, Gabb offers family plans that make it even more affordable for households that need two or more lines. In these cases, the oldest line (called the “anchor line”) on the family plan pays full price but each additional line (up to five) is eligible for a discount.

If you are already a Gabb customer, you can find instructions on adding additional lines on our Support center. If you’re looking at getting a Gabb device for the first time, our plans and services are explained fully on the learn more pages for each device (linked above).

Tech In Steps, tailored to families

With Gabb’s tiered devices and plans, families can tailor their child’s tech experience so it evolves at the same pace they do. Families can change phone plans once per billing cycle and add-ons can be selected at any time—with the exception of the Gabb Warranty, which needs to be added with purchase of a device. The monthly price of the plan depends on contact duration (ranging between month-to-month and a 2-year contract).

With the right plan and the right device for your kid, you can feel an immense sense of relief. Your child or teen is getting the connection they need and the safety they deserve. And you don’t need to do mountains of research to get answers to an endless list of questions to get it.

Let us know what you think

Gabb exists as a direct response to parents wanting better options and our innovative kid-safe solutions have been fueled by parent feedback ever since.

What worries you most when it comes to your kids and technology? Do you think our Tech in Steps approach is going to be helpful for your family?  Let us know in the comments.

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