6 Things Your Kid’s Gabb Device Can Do (That Give You Peace of Mind)

MAR 08, 2022

6 Things Your Kid’s Gabb Device Can Do (That Give You Peace of Mind)

Parenting can feel like a constant scramble. Between picking up kids from school, carting them to soccer practice, making dinner and everything else, it can be difficult to keep track of all the kids, not to mention all the to-dos.

It’s never a great time to ask yourself: “Was it today or tomorrow that Teddy is riding the bus home with his friend?” 

Gabb devices are built with engaged parents and active children in mind. Beyond the peace of mind that comes with zero access to the internet, social media or addictive games, Gabb devices help you keep track of the most important part of your scrambling: your kids. 

But how do you get the most out of your Gabb device? Here are some tips to get you on the fast track to more connection and less stress.

Active GPS and Tracking

Gabb Watch and Gabb Phone Z2 come equipped with Active GPS tracking that allows parents to check in on their kid’s location at any time, and from anywhere through the MyGabb app. Once you’ve set up your kid’s device, you’ll be able to connect your child’s device with your MyGabb app with just a few quick steps. 

Once connected to the MyGabb app you’ll be able to check your kid’s GPS location any time you open the app. Whether your kid loses their phone, or you’re trying to find your kid, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with easy check-ins from wherever you are. 

Custom Safe Zones

Within the MyGabb app, parents can also create “Safe Zones” for their kid’s Gabb device, so you can get notified if your kid wanders a little too far from school, or accidentally rides their bike out of the neighborhood. 

Setting up a safe zone is easy. Start by opening up the MyGabb app and tapping the menu button at the top right, where you’ll see the option to create a “Safe Zone”. When creating a new safe zone, all you need to do is type in the address that is safe, then decide how far away from that point is “safe” for your kid to travel. 

Once set, you’ll get a pop-up notification on your phone anytime they go beyond the geo-fenced area you’ve set–allowing peace of mind for you and some freedom for them. 

Gabb Phone on blue background

Custom Contacts for Kids

The Gabb Watch allows kids to only call and text people on their contact list that is set and customizable by parents through the MyGabb app. This puts the control in your hands, as the parent, to add (or not add) their new friend they met at school.

To add contacts to your kid’s list, pop open the MyGabb app, tap the menu button and find “Contacts” to start. From there you can assign people to the contact list who are either additional guardians or regular contacts. After you’ve added a new person, they’ll appear in your child’s “Contacts” and will be available for them to call or text. 

In addition to custom contact lists, Gabb has deployed Gabb Guard to filter out unknown callers and spam, making it the safest kids device in the world.

Find a Misplaced or Lost Gabb Device

Beyond the GPS tracker, parents can use the MyGabb app to play a sound on their kid’s Gabb device for when it’s buried under a pile of laundry, or somewhere in the backyard. This feature even works if the phone is set to silent. 

To trigger the sound, simply open the MyGabb app, find the correct kid’s device and tap “Play Sound.” This will trigger a unique sound that will help locate the device.

SOS Button & Emergency Contact (Gabb Watch Only)

For kids with the Gabb Watch, parents can also set one emergency contact in the My Gabb App. This allows the child to quickly send an emergency alert to their emergency contact. An easy-access SOS button located on the side of the watch can be held for 10 seconds to trigger an emergency call at any time they need. 

The emergency contact will immediately be notified through the My Gabb App that the SOS has been activated. This function allows your kid to feel safe when away from home, knowing that they can reach you immediately if they feel they’re in danger.

GabbGo Virtual Pet (Gabb Watch Only)

Gabb Watch kids will get GabbGo, an interactive productivity game, pre-installed on their new device. GabbGo mixes a chore app with tamagotchi type pets, so every time your kid completes a chore or challenge from a custom task list (set by parents within MyGabb app), they’ll receive coins to upgrade their pets and teach them new tricks. 

Now that you’ve mastered your Gabb device, let us know your favorite thing about your kid using Gabb by tagging us @gabbwireless

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Summary

Active GPS and Tracking: 

Know where your kids are, anytime and from anywhere using MyGabb app. 

Custom Safe Zones: 

Create geo-fenced areas, where your kid can venture, and get notified anytime they wander too far using MyGabb app.

Custom Contacts: 

Know who is able to contact your kid, and who they can contact with the custom contact list.

Play Sound for lost Gabb device: 

Track the Gabb device with Active GPS, find it by playing a unique sound.

SOS/Emergency Contact (Gabb Watch only): 

An easy-access emergency alert button for kids to feel safe, built into every Gabb Watch.

GabbGo (Gabb Watch only): 

A productivity game app that rewards kids by achieving custom chores and tasks from their parents, using the MyGabb app.


  • Cassondra Kelly on Apr 08, 2022 05:11 AM

    We love our Gabb phone but I do wish you had the geo pet or some sort of “game” for the phone. I don’t want her to have access to a bunch of apps but it would be nice for her to have access to a few safe game options.

  • gloria on Apr 09, 2022 04:56 PM

    I just recieved the phone and the scree prptecter and screen protecter had a crack on corner and i also need to order case how do i do that?

  • Patrick on Apr 14, 2022 06:15 PM

    wow i like the gabb phone it is so appropiate for me and btw does it have safari so i can search up something

  • Gabb on Apr 20, 2022 09:51 AM

    Hi Cassondra, we are so glad to hear you like your Gabb Phone. We appreciate your feedback and we are always looking for ways to improve our devices. We will relay your request to our product team!

  • Gabb on Apr 20, 2022 09:53 AM

    Hi Gloria, we are sorry to hear your screen protector was delivered damaged. Our customer support team can help you get a new one and also help you order a new case or you can order a new case on our website! Please contact support@gabbwireless.com for help getting a new screen protector.

  • Gabb on Apr 20, 2022 09:56 AM

    Hi Patrick! We love to hear that. Our devices have no internet, no social media, and no games so you would not be able to access safari on our devices.

  • Linda Weldon on Jul 22, 2022 11:51 AM

    Linda Weldon74 years need a phone that is not compicated to learn . I also would like to have larger sceen with Large numbers.

  • Gabb on Jul 26, 2022 12:12 PM

    Thank you for the feedback. We have found that many adults like the phone for its simplicity and user-friendly features. It is definitely worth looking into it to see if it's something you would like.

  • Kayla on Aug 21, 2022 06:19 PM

    I wish we could move widgets/apps around on the watch. I would love to remove the call log from my child's watch or move it to the far right. I wouldn't purchase the watch for anyone older than 8.

  • Gabb on Aug 22, 2022 09:39 AM

    Thank you for the feedback, Kayla! We will be sure to let our team know. We are always open to ways we can improve.

  • Anonymous on Aug 29, 2022 03:41 AM

    They need to explain the litteral meaning of how to decipher the histy call log

  • Elizabeth on Dec 16, 2022 04:20 PM

    We love our Gabb phone 10/10 recommend! Is there anyway you could add voice text I’m the next update. My 5 year old only uses her phone when she is at gymnastics or her dads and she has a hard time texting back.

  • Gabb on Dec 19, 2022 04:41 PM

    We love the support, thank you Elizabeth! This is great feedback and it's something we will share with our team. They are always looking for ways to improve the devices.

  • Cherri on Dec 23, 2022 09:18 AM

    It would be nice if the gps could be permanently turned on instead of the kids being able to turn it off. Part of the parental security for our kids is so we know where they are. Doesn't help if they can turn off location.

  • Gabb on Dec 29, 2022 09:15 AM

    Thank you for your feedback, Cherri! We will make sure our product team sees this. If you are not aware, there is a lock mode on the watch which would prevent kids from adjusting any settings.

  • Jodi on Jan 17, 2023 05:03 PM

    Does the play sound feature work even if the phone is off/dead?

  • Gabb on Jan 17, 2023 05:20 PM

    It does not. If the phone dies, it will not play any sound!

  • Brandon Jewett-Hall on Aug 20, 2023 01:46 PM

    Is Active Tracking still supported for the Gabb Phone Z2? We just got one of these, and when open the MyGabb app on my Android phone and look up the device under the "Devices" tab, it only shows four options: "Play Sound", "Locate", "Call", and "Message". The instructional video at https://youtu.be/yWQJsrN9u80 shows three additional menu options ("Silent mode", "Active Tracking", "Gabb Go") that don't appear in the MyGabb app on my Android. So, is Active Tracking still available?

  • Gabb on Aug 23, 2023 10:07 AM

    Sorry for the confusion! These additional features that you see in the video are currently only for our Gabb Watch devices.

  • Lynnette Morse on Sep 25, 2023 07:46 PM

    Can the Gabb company track a lost watch with a dead battery?

  • Gabb on Oct 02, 2023 11:31 AM

    Good question! Unfortunately once the battery is dead, the GPS location will not be able to updated/tracked. You will still be able to see the last known location in your Parent Gabb app.

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