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In 2022, Gabb Phone Plus joined Gabb Phone and Gabb Watch as the third device developed with kid safety as the top priority.

Our first device, Gabb Watch, is considered a “locked-down” device that allows you to stay connected with your kids before they are ready for social media, internet access, or other features. The first generation of Gabb Phone was also locked down but subsequent generations now offer a limited amount of flexibility by allowing parents to choose to add from a small list of additional safe apps as their child is ready. 

Gabb Phone Plus is still Gabb safe–no social media, no internet, no unsafe apps–but was built to grow with your child by allowing for more customization and flexibility than any other Gabb device.

Gabb Phone Plus Features for Safe Connection

no social media illustration

No internet, no social media

It’s now crystal clear that giving children unlimited access to the internet, social media, and other online platforms can cause them significant mental, emotional, and physical harm. Connection is a critical part of Gabb’s mission but never at the expense of protection.

Some apps allow users to access the internet through the app itself, making it relatively quick and easy to bypass internet blocking software. Gabb Phone Plus does not give kids direct or indirect access to the internet, social media, or any apps that would allow kids to circumvent the protections parents want in place.

Unlimited talk + text

All Gabb devices come with plans that include coverage on a nationwide 4G LTE network. Under the Gabb Plan, users receive unlimited talk and text service on a great flexible monthly plan to fit their child’s needs. Gabb Phone Plus comes with image and group text as part of the plan. 

GPS location services

Gabb Phone Plus comes equipped with an active GPS tracker so parents can check in while they’re out with friends, or use the Find My Phone feature to track down the device if it ever goes missing. Viewing the device location and triggering the Find My Phone sound are both simple to do through the parent’s Gabb Account (or MyGabb app) explained below.

illustration of GPS cellular device

Safe messaging with Gabb Messenger

Gabb Messenger was built from scratch to be the safest messaging app for kids and teens. It allows your child to text, send photos, and group chat without all the risks posed by other messaging apps.

Activity reporting and parental controls are easily accessible through the parent dashboard on your own phone. One unique aspect of Gabb Messenger, compared to other parental-controlled options, is that only questionable content displays in the parent dashboard so you get peace of mind while your child gets the messaging privacy they need to develop crucial digital communication skills.

safe messenger

Digital backup with Gabb Cloud

Gabb Cloud keeps your kid’s data safely and securely stored in the cloud. Through automatic data backup you can automatically protect favorite memories and preferred settings without any concerns about anything personal being leaked online.

Spam blocker with Gabb Guard

Gabb Guard provides spam blocking that stops over 90% of suspected spam calls from reaching the Gabb Phone Plus in the first place.

Gabb Phone Plus Flexibility Features

Gabb Music

The impact of music, for good or bad, is well-known by now. And especially when it comes to kids and young teens who are in particularly impressionable stages. Gabb Music lets them listen their way with a clean music library curated from millions of songs from every genre and era.

Gabb Music Plus

Exclusively available on Gabb Phone Plus, Gabb Music Plus is the premiere version of Gabb Music. In addition to everything mentioned above, it allows kids to customize their own playlists, search for specific songs, and download their favorites directly to their device.

safe music illustration

Parent-enabled Safe Apps

With Gabb Phone Plus, it’s effortless for parents to give their child access to an ever-growing list of safe, curated apps. These optional apps are carefully developed, reviewed, and/or modified with safety as the top priority. That means no loopholes that a child might stumble upon to access outside websites or content.

Gabb Phone Plus comes with the following apps preinstalled:

  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Clock
  • Contacts
  • Gabb Cloud
  • Gabb Messenger
  • Gabb Music (subscription required)
  • Gallery
  • Phone
  • My Files
  • Notes
  • Settings

Currently, the following apps are available for parents to add to their child’s Gabb Phone Plus:

  • Weather
  • Bible Study
  • Gospel Library (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
  • Torah Study
  • Quran
  • Sora

Additional apps are constantly being added to the list that parents can choose from. Those apps will fall into any of the following categories:

  • Creativity
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Travel/Maps
  • Team Sports
  • Spirituality
  • Productivity
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Gabb Phone Plus Durability Features

Samsung Manufacturing

Accidents happen, especially for kids just getting used to taking care of a phone. Gabb Phone Plus is manufactured in partnership with Samsung using premium materials so it can hang with even the fastest-pace kids. This includes:

  • All-metal frame
  • Vibrant 5.83” edge-to-edge Infinity Display
  • Octa-Core 1.6GHz,1.35GHz processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB of storage
  • Battery life of up to 23 hours usage

Premium Look and Feel

Kids want a phone they can show off, parents want that phone to be safe. With Gabb Phone Plus you can give your child a safe phone that looks, feels, and behaves like the best phones available today:

  • Android OS
  • Light, slim profile perfect for kid and teen hands.
  • Bluetooth connection for music
  • Customizable lock screen and app layout

Crisp Visuals

Most kids are eager to begin snapping photos and capturing videos. Gabb Phone Plus comes high-quality cameras to crisply capture all your kids’ favorite moments:

  • 8MP back camera
  • 5MP front camera
camera illustration

What to Expect

Gabb Phone Plus is available for purchase online right here on gabb.com and includes free shipping and a 15-Day Money Back Guarantee (see full return policy in our Terms & Conditions).

What’s in the Box

When purchased from gabb.com, all Gabb devices come preactivated so they’re ready to use right out of the box. Also included is a USB to USB-C 3-foot cable and USB to wall outlet adapter for recharging.


Gabb Phone Plus retails at $199.99 and requires a phone plan that carries a monthly fee. You can pick from one of three options for that plan:

  • 2-year contract (lowest monthly fee)
  • 1-year contract
  • No contract (highest monthly fee)


As part of the online purchasing process, you will set up a free Gabb Account that allows you to view payment details, update payment information, and more (see below). Your plan’s billing cycle begins on the day you complete the online purchase and the card you use at checkout will be charged 3 days later, then monthly for the length of the contract.

payment illustration

Gabb Account

In addition to managing payment details, your Gabb Account will allow you to take advantage of key Gabb features like adding upgrades (e.g. Gabb Music Plus) tracking your child’s device location, and adding optional apps to your child’s Gabb Phone Plus (see below).

You can log in to your Gabb Account on any internet-enabled device and can also download the MyGabb app (on Apple or Android) using the same login credentials. Most parents prefer the app for things like location tracking because it’s quick and convenient. 

How to Add Apps to Gabb Phone Plus

Once you’ve set up a Gabb Account, follow these steps to add apps to your child’s Gabb Phone Plus:

  1. Log into your Gabb Account
  2. Select “App Management” from the left side menu
  3. Choose which apps you want to enable and click “enable”
  4. Ensure your child’s device is connected to WiFi, open the GabbID app on their device, sign in (if you are not already), and select “Check Updates.” This will begin the app download.

You can remove access to these apps under “App Management” on your Gabb Account at any time.

Check out this video tutorial for more help to add third-party apps to the Gabb Phone Plus.

Customer Support

Gabb employs a full Customer Support team ready to answer questions via text, call, or email Monday-Saturday (see operating hours here). We also have a robust library of helpful articles and videos about common Gabb Phone Plus questions so you can find answers as quick as you can click, 24/7.

Questions? Comments?

Did we miss anything? If you still have questions about Gabb Phone Plus, let us know in the comments below.

Jake Cutler

Jake Cutler is a dad first and joined Gabb because helping his boys thrive in a digital world is one of the things he and his wife think about constantly. Prior to Gabb, Jake managed bands and taught Literature and Creative Writing at Brigham Young University and BYU-Hawaii. His own writing has been published by Esquire, Forbes, and various other magazines and literary journals.

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