Gabb Phone: The Best Alternative to a Flip Phone

Words by
Josh Ruggles

FEB 21, 2023

Gabb Phone: The Best Alternative to a Flip Phone

Phones have gone through a major transformation over the past two decades; devices like the brick phones and flip phones seem like ancient history. In those early days of the cell phone, having the Snake game was a pretty big flex. 

We’re now in a world where you can play Doodle Jump, then post images across the world instantly, then open your doorbell app to see who is ringing your doorbell, then jump right back into the YouTube video you were watching. 

It’s in a word, exhausting. 

There’s plenty of data highlighting the problems of too much screen time and social media, and people are starting to take notice. Some teens are leading a flip phone movement to lower their screen time, but going with an antiquated device isn’t for everyone. 

So what’s the alternative flip phone for teens and kids that doesn’t require them to go retro with an old school looking phone? 

pile of old flip phones

Flip Phone Substitutes: Gabb Phone and Gabb Phone Plus

Gabb was founded because of the lack of options for kid-safe phones on the market. Flip phones didn’t have the form factor that a smartphone has, and many kids didn’t like needing to flip open their phone before texting and calling. 

Gabb Phone: the best first phone for kids

Ready to text, call and make moments, Gabb Phone is the non-flip, flip phone alternative that’s equipped with front and rear cameras, and has no internet, no social media, and no addictive games. 

It has all the things your kid needs to start their tech journey responsibly, without the stress that comes with too much screen time. It’s the phone that is comfortable being put away. It comes equipped with Gabb Cloud digital backup and Gabb Guard spam blocking.

Gabb devices can also access Gabb Music, the largest kid-safe, clean music library, with hits and hidden gems packed into a stress-free listening experience for kids and adults alike. Learn more about Gabb Phone.

Gabb Phone 3 Pro is the safe phone for kids and teens

If you want a more flexibility in a phone option for your kid or teen that doesn’t flip, take a look at Gabb Phone 3 Pro. Built with Samsung premium quality. Gabb Phone 3 Pro comes with Gabb’s kid-safe custom software — like Gabb Messenger — plus the ability for parents to add Gabb-reviewed 3rd-party apps.

Gabb Phone 3 Pro was built with safety as the top priority and an eye toward growing kids’ evolving needs. Learn more about Gabb Phone 3 Pro.

What do you think?

What is the top priority for you as a parent when shopping for your kid’s first phone? Let us know in the comments.

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