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What does OG Stand For? OG Meaning and Origin

Words by
Morgan Wilcock

APR 30, 2024

What does OG Stand For? OG Meaning and Origin

Have you ever been called “the OG” by your kids and wondered whether to be flattered or offended? Luckily, this is a mostly positive term (despite its controversial origin). Read on to find out what “OG” means!

What OG Stands For

“OG” is a slang term that stands for original gangster. The term og/original gangster is used to “praise someone who’s incredibly exceptional, authentic, or ‘old-school’” and “who is an expert at something.”

This term can also be used to describe the original or originator of a thing. For example, someone could say that they prefer the “OG” animated Lion King film to the live-action 2019 adaptation.

Where Did OG Come From?

As a slang word, the origins of OG are in hip hop and rap music. The term originated in the ‘70s with the Los Angeles-based gang, the Original Gangster Crips. The gang’s name was meant to convey that they were “the first,” the real OGs. 

The phrase grew in popularity and began to be used in rap and hip-hop music, becoming a term to describe a respected long time gang member. Eventually, the term expanded to the mainstream and became an adjective synonymous with hip and impressive, regardless of, and not at all insinuating, gang affiliation. 

If you’ve heard this term in problematic contexts, even to refer to marijuana, in the case of OG Kush, don’t assume that the term is problematic! OG now simply functions as an adjective for something cool and original. 

Examples of OG

Here are some examples of OG being used in action. 

  • The OG Disney Channel shows are way better than what they’re playing now. 
  • Beyonce is the real OG. 
  • Michael Jordan is the OG of basketball.
  • My math teacher just gave me an extension on my homework. He’s the real OG. 

Discussing Slang with Kids

If you’re struggling to keep up with all the new slang terms, you’re not alone! In our world of social media, these slang terms are constantly evolving. This is just one of the reasons that parenting in the digital age can be so challenging.

father and son giving each other knuckles and smiling

Safe messaging apps or phones without social media can be very useful if you’re worried about your child being exposed to harmful online communication, and regular conversation with your kids is essential.

A great way to stay in the loop is simply to ask your children what terms they’re using and what they mean! This could be a fun way for the family to talk about slang words that you used in high school in contrast to the words your kids are using. 

What do you think? Did we miss anything? How have your kids used OG? Let us know in the comments!

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