Gabb’s Annual Winter Back-to-School Sale

Words by
Jake Cutler

DEC 27, 2023

Gabb’s Annual Winter Back-to-School Sale

Send your child back to school after the holidays with the perfect blend of safety and connection. Get a Gabb device to stay in the know, wherever they are — school, practice, or hanging with friends. Enjoy real-time GPS tracking updates, safe call and text, and wave goodbye to screen time concerns, all at an incredible price. 

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer!

Sale Details

Starting December 28th, get 50% OFF all in-stock Gabb devices. Also get free service for the month of January.*

Dates: December 28, 2023 – January 3, 2024.

Deal: 50% OFF all in-stock devices, plus free service in January.*

*See individual product pages (linked below) for applicable terms and conditions.

Gabb Watch 3: The safe phone kids wear.

As the first step in kid-safe tech, Gabb Watch 3 is a device for kids that always stays with them, while safe monitoring and safe connection offer parents peace of mind.

Shop Gabb Watch 3

Gabb Phone: The perfect first phone.

Smart, safe, and ready to connect, Gabb Phone is tailored to kids who are ready for the responsibility of a smartphone, and parents who are looking for connectivity, safety, and practicality.

Shop Gabb Phone

Gabb Phone 3 Pro: The safe phone for kids and teens.

Gabb Phone 3 Pro is the premiere flexible phone that empowers safer connections at every stage, and adapts to kids’ and teens’ ever-changing needs.

Shop Gabb Phone 3 Pro

Winter Back-to-School Sale

Despite the challenges, technology can be a safe and exciting part of growing up. We’re big believers in taking tech in steps and we firmly believe that parents know their kids best, which means they know best when their child is ready for a device.

If your child is ready to take one of their first few steps into technology, now is a great time to get Gabb.


  • Farrah Wyatt on Jan 28, 2024 05:52 PM

    From start to finish, this blog post had us hooked. The content was insightful, entertaining, and had us feeling grateful for all the amazing resources out there. Keep up the great work!

  • Gabb on Jan 29, 2024 06:40 PM

    Thank you Farrah!

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