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Apple, Roblox, and Spotify are “Dirty,” Dan the AI Boyfriend, and are TVs Better Than Tablets?

Words by
Jackie Baucom

MAY 02, 2024

Apple, Roblox, and Spotify are “Dirty,” Dan the AI Boyfriend, and are TVs Better Than Tablets?

From concerns over A.I. ethics to the evolving tactics of online scammers, let’s explore the top stories in this week’s roundup.

Apple, Roblox, and Spotify Named on Dirty Dozen List

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) released their 2024 Dirty Dozen List — an annual initiative denouncing twelve mainstream entities for their facilitation, enablement, and profiting from sexual abuse and exploitation. 

Companies on previous years’ lists have often taken steps to fix some of their problems as a result.

Included on the list this year are Apple, Cash App, CDA Section 230, Cloudflare, Discord, Linkedin, Meta, Github, Reddit, Roblox, Spotify, and Telegram.

Reasons why each entity is singled out can be found on the NCOSE website.

2024 Dirty Dozen List | National Center for Sexual Exploitation

Meta’s A.I. Chatbot

Meta has introduced an AI chatbot, available on its apps like Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Users can interact with the chatbot for various queries and requests, including generating text responses and images.

However, the search functionality and accuracy are lacking compared to conventional search engines. 

Meta’s A.I. Assistant Is Fun to Use, but It Can’t Be Trusted | The New York Times 

Which is Better, TVs or Tablets?

In response to concerns over children’s screen time, some parents are reverting to traditional television over iPads.

Many parents say watching on TV is better than on a tablet because it allows kids to move around, watch with others, and engage in activities with a show in the background. These parents worry that holding a tablet close to their faces isolates and keeps them glued to the same spot.  

Dr. Jacqueline Nesi explored this theory. She advises thoughtful consideration of user experience, content, co-viewing, interactivity, and sensory engagement when deciding between tablets and TVs.

The Parents Who Think Actually, Television Is the Answer | Slate 

Animated TV for Deaf Children

Children’s animated TV shows play a crucial role in early education. It fosters literacy, creativity, and language skills. However, deaf children often lack access to such content, impacting their learning of American Sign Language and English.

Motion Light Lab is creating ASL-focused children’s media that is made by and for the Deaf community. Currently in development is “Here Comes Mavo!” Instead of simply providing closed captioning, the show will feature signing characters.

Using Motion Capture Tech To Make TV Shows For Deaf Children | Science Friday

The Rise of ‘Dan’ and Chatbot Boundaries

TikTok users are engaging with AI chatbots, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, to simulate affectionate boyfriends and challenge the bots’ boundaries.

Dubbed “Dan,” an acronym for “do anything now,” these AI personas traverse from innocent inquiries to explicit propositions. While some bots issue content warnings, others readily engage in rule-breaking behavior, prompting concerns about AI safety and ethics.

I Tricked ChatGPT Into Being My Boyfriend. He Got Spicy Real Fast | The Wall Street Journal

ByteDance Defies U.S. Sale Pressure of TikTok

ByteDance, owner of TikTok, denies reports of sellings its U.S. operations, despite new legislation giving a year to sell or face a U.S. ban.

U.S. lawmakers passed the law last week over concerns of national security, particularly focusing on the way TikTok’s algorithm works. 

China gets a say over whether or not ByteDance can sell, and its reluctance complicates a potential sale.

ByteDance Says It Won’t Sell U.S. TikTok | The Wall Street Journal

Yahoo Boys Taking Catfishing to the Next Level

The “Yahoo Boys” scam is an advanced form of catfishing that employs deepfake technology to impersonate individuals in real-time video calls. This tactic manipulates victims into believing they’re actually interacting with genuine people.

These scammers, primarily based in Nigeria, exploit emotional connections to extort money from their victims. 

How ‘Yahoo Boys’ use real-time face-swapping to carry out elaborate romance scams | FoxNews

New Board to Safeguard AI

Leading figures from OpenAI, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Alphabet, among others, have joined a new federal advisory board that focuses on securing AI use in critical U.S. infrastructure.

Formed under the Biden administration, the Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security Board aims to safeguard sectors like power grids and transportation while maximizing AI benefits.

OpenAI’s Sam Altman and Other Tech Leaders to Serve on AI Safety Board | The Wall Street Journal 

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