YouTubers Must Label AI Content, Social Media Giants Liable, and Teens Declare Wallets Uncool

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Jackie Baucom

MAR 21, 2024

YouTubers Must Label AI Content, Social Media Giants Liable, and Teens Declare Wallets Uncool

Below are some of the most prominent stories at the intersection of technology and parenting from last week.

YouTube’s Transparency Shift

YouTube has introduced a new requirement for creators to disclose content created using AI.

This move aims to enhance transparency and inform viewers that the content is not real in the hopes these changes will combat misinformation and confusion.

Most videos will have an identifying label in the expanded description, but videos discussing sensitive topics will have the label prominently displayed. 

TechCrunch | YouTube now requires creators to disclose when realistic content was made with AI

Text-to-Video Magic

In an exclusive interview, OpenAI’s CTO, Mira Murati, discussed the company’s innovative Sora AI video tool. 

Scheduled to be released later this year, Sora employs text-to-video AI to generate realistic scenes based on written prompts. 

Murati confirmed the use of Shutterstock content to train Sora, but evaded questions about YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram data. 

Critics say Murati’s reluctance to provide details raises concerns over data transparency in AI development, triggering legal and regulatory scrutiny.

The Wall Street Journal | OpenAI Made AI Videos for Us. These Clips Are Good Enough to Freak Us Out.

Apple Eyeing Google’s AI

Apple is considering using Google’s AI model, Gemini, for its next iPhone.

Apple’s talks with Google and other AI firms signals a shift towards advanced technology but also suggests Apple is falling behind on their on AI developments. 

An Apple-Google deal could enhance both companies’ AI capabilities and further propel AI into mainstream use.

The New York Times | Apple and Google Are Discussing a Deal to Bring Generative A.I. to iPhones

The Rise of Wallet-Free Living

In a survey of 2,500 Gen Zers, 80% said they use mobile wallets.

Younger generations are increasingly favoring digital wallets over traditional ones, driven by convenience and fashion. 

Limited merchant acceptance and security concerns persist as the primary obstacles to even more widespread use.

The New York Times | The Youths Have Spoken: Wallets Are Uncool. Go Digital.

A New York judge rejected a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against social media giants, alleging their platforms fueled the radicalization of a gunman who killed 10 in Buffalo.

The lawsuit accused Meta, Alphabet, Reddit, and 4chan of profiting from racist and violent content.

The companies plan to appeal the decision.

CNN | Judge rules YouTube, Facebook and Reddit must face lawsuits claiming they helped radicalize a mass shooter

Teacher Faces Charges for Generating AI Child Pornography

Steven Houser, a third-grade science teacher at Beacon Christian Academy in New Port Richey, Florida, was arrested for allegedly using AI to produce child pornography from students’ yearbook photos. 

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office found two photos and three videos in his possession but clarified they didn’t involve students from the school Houser taught at.

Tampa Bay Times | Pasco teacher used AI to generate child porn from yearbook photos, deputies say

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