Content Moderation is Protected Speech, Sadfishing, and an AI-Powered Sportscaster

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Jackie Baucom

JUL 03, 2024

Content Moderation is Protected Speech, Sadfishing, and an AI-Powered Sportscaster

We have seen some significant events occur in tech this week. From the Supreme Court’s stance on Texas and Florida’s social media laws to AI’s controversial role in the music industry. Let’s explore these stories below.

Sadfishing Has Officially Arrived

The social media trend, sadfishing, involves users exaggerating personal issues to gain sympathy.

Highlighted by Kendall Jenner in 2019, sadfishing can range from harmless to concerning — especially on video platforms. 

Research links this behavior to anxious attachment rather than a lack of social support and experts suggest fostering real-life connections and talking to mental health professionals instead of sharing “sob stories” online.

Gen Z ‘sadfishing’ trend on social media may be sign of serious psychological issues: experts | New York Post

A.I.-Powered Al Michaels to Deliver Olympics Recaps 

NBC will use A.I. to recreate sportscaster Al Michaels’ voice for Olympic daily recaps on Peacock.

This milestone in A.I. technology will deliver personalized 10-minute highlight packages.

Michaels, initially skeptical, agreed to allow this after seeing a demonstration and getting assurances from editors on factual accuracy.

NBC to use AI version of announcer Al Michaels’ voice for Olympics recaps | CNN

Record Labels Sue AI Startups for Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Music

Major record labels are suing AI startups Suno and Unio, alleging unauthorized use of copyrighted music to train their AI systems. 

The lawsuits, filed by the Recording Industry Association of American, seek to protect artists’ rights and ensure ethical AI development.

Both AI companies have raised significant funding but have not commented on the legal proceedings.

Viral ‘BBL Drizzy’ AI Drake dis track company gets sued | CNN

Supreme Court Affirms Content Moderation as Free Speech

The Supreme Court sent Texas and Florida social media laws back to lower courts for further review, avoiding a ruling.

The justices indicated that content moderation by social media platforms is protected under the First Amendment.

This complicates states’ attempts to regulate these platforms, especially regarding ideological balance.

Supreme Court says content moderation is speech | The Washington Post

AI-Generated Jesus

AI-generated images of Jesus are flooding social media, attracting likes and shares with dramatic and idealized depictions.

AI’s patterns and user prompts result in varied and often exaggerated representations.

Some images contain inexplicable details that are neither Biblically nor historically accurate, sparking both engagement and controversy online.

AI pictures of Jesus on social media are suspiciously rugged — and we only have ourselves to blame | CNN

The Sims 4 Introducing Polyamorous Relationships

The Sims 4 Lovestruck DLC (downloadable content), available at the end of July, will introduce dating apps, death by heartbreak, and polyamorous relationships.

Players have to pay for the DLC, but having multiple romantic partners is free.

Polyamory is coming to The Sims 4 for free alongside the Lovestruck expansion pack this month | Yahoo!Tech

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