Survey on Cell Phone Bans, Juice Jacking, and Joy is Down

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Jackie Baucom

APR 04, 2024

Survey on Cell Phone Bans, Juice Jacking, and Joy is Down

Welcome to April! Here are this week’s top tech stories for parents.

Survey Shows Parents Oppose Banning Cell Phones In Schools

A National Parents Union survey highlights parents’ concerns about cell phone and social media use among K-12 students. 

The majority of parents oppose schools banning cell phones because most want their kids to have access to their phones for emergencies, and to keep in touch with parents about their activities and schedules.

Despite opposing a ban, many parents also expressed concerns about exposure to inappropriate content, predators, and cyberbullying on social media. 

National Parents Union | New Poll Shows Parents Are Against Cell Phone Ban in Schools; Raise Alarm over Negative Effects of Social Media on Children

Beware of Public Charging Risks

Public USB charging ports pose security risks, warns Jae Ro of SIGNAL + POWER (the leading plug adapter manufacturer).

Outlets can be tampered with to install malware, a technique called “juice jacking,” leading to data theft and identity fraud.

Ro advises investing in portable charges as a safer alternative for charging devices in public spaces, or opt for wall outlets instead of USB ports which are safer (though not completely without risk).

Times Series | Is charging your phone at an airport safe? Expert reveals

America’s Happiness Tumbles

The U.S. dropped to 23rd place (down eight spots) in the World Happiness Report, marking its lowest ranking since the report’s inception in 2012. 

Discontent among American youth contributes significantly to this decline, with the under-30 category ranking the U.S. 62nd globally. 

Factors such as social media, mental health issues, and political division are cited as potential contributors to the decline.

FYI, Finland has been named the happiest country for the 7th year running.

ScienceAlert | US Happiness Ranking Plummets as One Group Struggles Most

Teen Smartphone Insights

The Pew Research Center’s Fall 2023 study surveyed 1,435 teenagers aged 13-17 and their parents, revealing insights into teen smartphone use and its impacts.

69% of teens said their phones help them with their hobbies, while 70% said they feel happier without their devices. 

Teen girls ages 13 and 14 were more inclined to express that the drawbacks of smartphones surpass their benefits. 

Screenagers | Solving Smartphone Problems our Teens are Reporting

Tragic Phone Dispute

In Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, a 13-year-old girl allegedly killed her mother after her phone was confiscated.

Police responded to reports of an unresponsive woman and found the victim with multiple stab wounds. 

The girl confessed to the crime, citing the argument over her phone as a trigger, and faces charges as an adult.

CBS7 | 13-year-old girl accused of killing mom after her phone was taken away, police say

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