Great Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Stephen Dalby

APR 30, 2020

Great Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is certainly going to be like none that came before it. You may have to forego the Sunday brunch or spa appointment for Mom, but you can still make it a memorable day she will cherish, always. This is where you step in, Dad, and create those special memories. If you are not sure what to do, here are five great ideas for Mother’s Day to get you started on creating a spectacular day for the mothers in your life. 

Great Ideas for Mother’s Day

Give Mom Time to Herself

Mom loves the family, but sometimes Mom needs a break. With the shelter-in-place orders, the family may have never spent this much time together. Most likely, Mom has been going non-stop to stay ahead of the dishes, prepare more meals than ever, and now balance her new role as a substitute teacher for online school while keeping up with her career. 

The best gift at this point is to let Mom have some time to herself. Start Mother’s Day by letting her sleep in. Then, let her enjoy a few hours alone while you take the kids on a safe, socially distanced outing. Based on where you live, this may involve a hike, fishing, a picnic, or a bike ride.

Alternatively, you could give Mom a movie night where she gets to watch her favorite movie in peace and quiet. Just leave her with some pillows and a blanket, her preferred movie snacks like popcorn or candy, and the remote. If she is not into movies, perhaps you can let her have that evening alone to enjoy a spa-like experience (just add bubble bath, candles, and music to the master bathroom). In both cases, you and the kids can find some other part of the house to play games. 

Clean the House

Mom may be spending a lot more time on cleaning these past few weeks with everyone home. It’s already a job in itself, so why not take that load off by surprising her with a clean home. Even better, you could spruce up other areas like the garage or yard. 

While you are busy cleaning, send Mom out to the back yard to enjoy the glorious spring weather. Make sure the hammock is dusted off and she’s got a tall glass of lemonade and a good book to enjoy while you and the kids make the house shine. 

This could be a good opportunity for the kids to finally get their rooms in order. Just seeing the floor again in their rooms could make Mom’s day or month, even. 

Make Her Favorite Meal

Mom will be touched by your efforts to whip up something delicious for her this Mother’s Day. Start your planning by doing the family grocery shopping for the week by picking up the list yourself or using a grocery order and delivery app. 

Plan one meal like breakfast in bed, brunch, or an evening barbecue. If you already enjoy cooking, maybe you could turn it into a day of gourmet delights. Have the kids make her a menu card for one or more of the meals so she knows what to expect. 

Take some time to decorate where you plan the meals. If it’s in bed, add a flower in a vase to her breakfast tray or create an outdoor picnic area for the evening barbecue. Whatever you decide, make sure to clean up afterward!

Give Her a Gift

There are many special ways to gift Mom that don’t involve spending a lot of money. For example, you could give Mom a spring flowering plant in a pot instead of a vase. Then, you can replant it in the garden so she can enjoy it for years to come. 

Mom also is sure to treasure those creative gifts from the kiddos. They can write cards or draw pictures showing their favorite things about Mom. 

And, if you have any sidewalk chalk, have the kids make a special driveway or sidewalk art design for Mom and other local mothers. Since COVID-19, chalk art has been a popular way to add positivity in neighborhoods across the country, and Mother’s Day is an ideal occasion to brighten every Moms’ day.   

If your kids are older, have them put those tech skills to work. Your teens can create a photo slideshow or video compilation of special pictures set to music.  

Keep Kids Entertained On and Beyond Mother’s Day

Finally, you can give a gift to Mom by gifting the kids Gabb Phones. It’s a cost-effective way to add value Mom will be sure to appreciate for many reasons.

The first benefit is that Mom gets her phone back. She doesn’t have to let kids borrow it anymore. Now, she can connect with them through their phones wherever they are, including when they get back to school or can go play at the neighborhood park.  

Another benefit is the peace of mind that a Gabb Phone provides. Mom won’t worry about the kids accidentally damaging the phone or getting into things they shouldn’t online.

Gifting a phone for kids keeps them entertained and socially connected to their family members and friends. Since their Gabb Phone is not filled with time-wasting apps, Mom will also feel relieved that the kids are getting healthy screen time instead of spending their lives on smartphones. 

Make it Special

Each of these great ideas for Mother’s Day focuses on showing Mom that she is loved and appreciated for all that she does. Since sheltering-in-place, she may feel like there’s even more on her plate. Plus, as mothers do, she may also be worrying about the health and safety of her family. 

One lesson from COVID-19 has been to be grateful for what we have, especially our families. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express gratitude for that Wonder Woman of the family. Tell and show her that you recognize everything that she does. 

Sharing is Caring

And, if it is Mom who found these great ideas for Mother’s Day, share this out so the man in your life can “discover” what he should do and start planning now. 

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