The Importance of Grandparents in a Child’s Life

Relationships that connect and protect grandchildren

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Abby Alger

OCT 10, 2022

The Importance of Grandparents in a Child’s Life

Relationships that connect and protect grandchildren

Everyone knows that the significance of grandparents cannot be overstated. Why are these relationships between children and grandparents so critical to a young person’s wellbeing, even in digital spaces? 

Grandparents can use technology to model healthy habits and to connect with the youngsters they love in meaningful ways.

Technology can facilitate the emotional closeness between grandparents and grandchildren. 

young girl video calling her grandparents

Why Grandparents Are Important to Grandchildren

When grandparents spend time with grandchildren, their well-being improves. It’s that simple.

Benefit to brain development

By staying in contact with their grandparents or receiving financial support, grandkids demonstrate increased cognitive development [1].

Despite the recent increase in depression among young adults, grandparents can foster emotionally close connections to create fewer symptoms of depression for both generations [2]

Emotional benefits

Having a close emotional connection with grandparents reduces negative behavioral issues and emotional problems for kids of all ages [3]

Social benefits

Grandkids also benefit from spending time with grandparents. 

When Grandparents play with younger children or spend quality time with teens, important family traditions can be passed down. This connects and strengthens familial ties.

grandmother waving on a video call

How to Connect Safely Using Tech with Your Grandchildren

Grandparents are now relying on technology more than ever before to bridge long distances, combat busy schedules, and connect with their family members [4].

These vital connections can be fostered in digital spaces.

Use tech to connect 

More than half of American grandparents live more than 200 miles away from at least one of their grandchildren and 4 in 10 grandparents are in the workforce [5].

Tech offers ways to transcend these challenges and connect young people with their grandparents.

text thread between grandma and grandchild on Gabb Phone Plus

When grandparents have access to their grandchildren, relationships are deepened through calls, video chats, and quick texts to share important life moments.

Use safe tech to protect

Although technology can introduce dangers like cyberbullying and online predators, providing grandkids with safe tech can protect them from unnecessary risks. 

grandma on laptop with two grandkids

Close the Gap

Grandparents and grandchildren can form stronger connections through technology through text, calls, and video chat.

Real-time, face-to-face communications don’t promote negative screen time effects.

Video chatting . . . can enhance bonding and recognition. I don’t think it should be considered screen time at all.

—Dr. Christakis, Director of the Center of Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Hospital[6]

Currently, video chat is not included in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) screen guidelines [7], so chat away to your heart’s content! 

Be An Example

Despite keeping yourself mentally sharp [8] and emotionally connected [3], developing a strong relationship with your grandchildren benefits everyone. 

For more resources on connecting with and protecting your grandchildren online, subscribe to the Gabb blog.

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