The World’s “Dumbest” Smartphone

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Inger Erickson

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The Gabb Phone is quickly becoming known as the world’s “dumbest” smartphone. It lets you talk, text, and do a few extra functions, but the simplicity of it is just what parents are looking for!

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Inger Erickson

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Inger is a mother of two kids who is passionate about helping parents develop deep and lasting relationships with their children.

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A Phone parents and kids both love!

Communication for kids, safety for parents.


  • Zoe on Jan 22, 2023 06:11 PM

    Personally, I think it’s a little on the strange side to not let kids get games on their OWN phone. I understand that the purpose for the Gabb phone is to communicate, but I suggest that when figured after opening the Gabb phone should come with at LEAST 1 game the kid could play when bored.

  • Gabb Wireless on Jan 23, 2023 10:19 AM

    Hi Zoe, we appreciate your feedback. There will be regularly added, safe, 3rd-party apps available on the Gabb Phone and any games added will be safe for kids.

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