Graceland is Not For Sale, AI Missteps, and Radicalized Swifties

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Jackie Baucom

MAY 30, 2024

Graceland is Not For Sale, AI Missteps, and Radicalized Swifties

This week’s roundup is full of cautionary tales: beware of identity theft, misinformation, and becoming too influenced by algorithms and trends.

The Taylor Swift Fascination

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has captivated fans worldwide for over a year now.

Taylor has long used social media to keep Swifties engaged and curious, demonstrating the intense effect algorithms can have on fandoms.

The Algorithmic Radicalization of Taylor Swift | The Atlantic

Google AI Search Makes Mistakes

Google’s new AI search tool, which promised quick and easy information, is facing backlash for incorrect results.

The tools falsely stated Barack Obama is a Muslim, and ignored Kenya among African countries, leading Google to remove these summaries.

Despite extensive testing, such errors highlight the risks of relying on AI for accurate information. 

Google Search’s AI falsely said Obama is a Muslim. Now it’s turning off some results | CNN

Scammer Tries to Sell Graceland

An identity thief claimed responsibility for a scam to foreclose and sell Elvis Presley’s Graceland using forged documents.

The scheme, which targeted the late Lisa Marie Presley’s estate, was exposed after media scrutiny.

Despite filing false claims, the fraudulent company, Naussany Investments, gave up on the ruse after legal pushback.

Who Plotted to Sell Graceland? An Identity Thief Raises His Hand. | The New York Times

TikTok’s Orbeez Challenge Goes Off the Rails?

A suspect is being sought after five people, including a teen, were shot outside a south Sacramento apartment complex.

The incident occurred in the Meadowview neighborhood, following a fight that escalated from kids playing with water pellet guns — known as Orbeez guns, and made popular by a TikTok challenge — to real gun shots.

Police are reviewing surveillance footage but have no suspect descriptions yet. All victims are expected to survive.

Was shooting in Sacramento’s Meadowview neighborhood TikTok challenge gone wrong? | CBS News

The Risk of Sharenting

Parents often share photos and videos of their children on social media without considering the potential dangers.

“Sharenting,” as it’s called, can compromise children’s privacy and leave them vulnerable to identity theft and harassment. 

Parents are advised to adopt a minimalist approach to sharing by not publicizing personal details such as birth dates and locations, as they can be used for identity theft and stalking.

Why you should think twice before posting that cute photo of your kid online | NPR

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