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Introducing Saprea: the New Younique Foundation, Partner of Gabb

FEB 15, 2022

Introducing Saprea: the New Younique Foundation, Partner of Gabb

The Younique Foundation, proud partner of Gabb, has spent the past seven years working towards its mission of liberating individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts. 

Now, to expand its reach to more global communities, The Younique Foundation has announced its rebrand as Saprea. This rebrand allows the nonprofit to better communicate the breadth and growth of its healing services, prevention resources, and messages of awareness around child sexual abuse to wider audiences. 

Founder and Board Chair Shelaine Maxfield explains that while Saprea’s core values and focus remain unchanged, this rebrand will enable the nonprofit to extend its mission further. “We are pivoting to something greater,” Maxfield said, “and are hopeful our new brand will help us reach more survivors, more parents, more partners, and more communities.”

What does Saprea Do?

In the U.S. alone, one in five children is sexually abused before the age of eighteen. Saprea is leading the charge against this abuse and its traumatic impacts by using proven practical methods to help survivors heal and empower parents to protect their children.

saprea father and daughter

What services does Saprea Provide?

Because the trauma of child sexual abuse can last for years or even decades into adulthood, Saprea offers services, strategies, and resources to help adult survivors manage their trauma and experience post-traumatic growth. 

The Saprea Retreat is a four-day onsite experience followed by a self-guided online course. The retreat provides opportunities to apply healing tools and build community among survivors. 

Saprea also offers survivor-led support groups, where participants can find safety, community, and education among fellow survivors of child sexual abuse. Survivors can find or join a support group in their area or online. Currently, Saprea Support Groups are being facilitated in eleven countries, with materials available in four languages. 

Along with helping survivors find healing, Saprea is also dedicated to teaching parents and caregivers how to reduce the risk of abuse in their families and communities. To achieve this aim, it offers education classes and online prevention resources on the most effective ways to help protect children from sexual abuse. 

“We need to start a worldwide movement to reject the assumption that nothing can be done about child sexual abuse,” emphasized Maxfield during the rebrand’s announcement. “Every child deserves a childhood filled with love, laughter, innocence, safety, and security.” 

women helping each other

Saprea + Gabb

Saprea and Gabb are founded on and dedicated to protecting and empowering people. 

Gabb’s stance is that childhood sexual trauma can often stem from early and excessive exposure to the internet and social media–falling prey to online predators. Our mission at Gabb focuses on keeping kids safe from these online dangers through kid-safe tech and the education and empowerment of parents. As this so closely aligns with the mission of Saprea’s mission, we eagerly look forward to our continued partnership.


Gabb is dedicated to protecting kids and helping families build and maintain healthy tech habits. Find Gabb products, read about the Gabb mission, and access additional Gabb resources here.

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