Safe Tech Parenting: The New Online Gabb Community Hub for Parents

JAN 11, 2022

Safe Tech Parenting: The New Online Gabb Community Hub for Parents

Have you ever heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child?” An old saying, but just as relevant today as the day it was first spoken. Parenting can very well be one of the most daunting responsibilities of adulthood. Arguably, today’s parents face an even greater challenge of raising children in a hyper-tech world. 

The current parenting generation made it through most of their childhood without the interference and distraction of mobile devices. But now, those smartphones, tablets, and games are everywhere, and parents struggle to connect with their kids and maintain healthy tech habits in the home. 

Now, perhaps more than ever, these parents could use a village–or at least a community of like-minded parents and experts–to help raise their kids. Gabb hears you. In addition to its current platforms on Facebook and Instagram, Gabb has also recently announced the launch of its new Parent Community Facebook group, “Safe Tech Parenting.”

What is Safe Tech Parenting?

Safe Tech Parenting is a safe community for parents to ask questions, share resources, experiences, and stay connected with other parents trying to navigate their family through the digital world. 

Issues including screen addiction, cyberbullying, anxiety, depression, pornography, and many more are grave concerns for parents regarding their kids’ technology use. With Safe Tech Parenting, Gabb provides a one-stop shop for parents to receive help and feel heard by other parents. 

Who is Safe Tech Parenting for?

This Facebook community page is open to all parents interested in being part of an engaged collective of like-minded parents, dedicated to instilling healthy and balanced tech habits in their kids. 

mother and son looking at his kids smart watch

What does Safe Tech Parenting Provide?

Safe Tech Parenting provides a hub for parents to find helpful resources shared by parents. For parents also looking to hear and share personal parenting experiences for insight and inspiration, Safe Tech Parenting is the place to go. 

What is Different About Safe Tech Parenting? 

Other similar pages are made available to parents for information and helpful resources. But Safe Tech Parenting is a network made by parents, for parents. In such trying times, we all need support in raising our families.

Parents need to know that they are not alone in their concerns. 

Safe Tech Parenting is the outlet and resource center parents need.

What Resources Can I Find on Safe Tech Parenting? 

Did you read an interesting article on anxiety and social media you’d like to share? Post it on Safe Tech Parenting. Are you looking to find other parents’ insight into setting tech curfews? You’ll definitely find it on Safe Tech Parenting. 

Whatever information or conversation you are looking for to help your family with tech, Safe Tech Parenting has made it easy for parents to find, share, and support other parents.

Make a Difference

In the world of parenting, it’s easy for adults to feel alone, like one mistake will ruin your child’s entire future. A lot is riding on the responsibilities of a parent, to be sure. But that does not mean that each parent is an island. 

In the modern world where technology holds sway, parents can at least take comfort in utilizing the positive aspects of tech. Safe Tech Parenting ensures a secure, reliable community platform for parents. 

As we each navigate this hectic, tech-obsessed world and strive to rear our children into responsible, tech-savvy adults, we can feel empowered by the support of countless other parents on the same path.

Gabb is proud to protect kids and empower parents as they navigate the digital world. To learn more about our many networks, resources, and products, visit the Gabb Website.


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