Protecting the Phone That’s Protecting Them

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John Rampton

APR 15, 2020

Protecting the Phone That’s Protecting Them

Giving your kids a cell phone is a big step, but it’s one that parents decide to do with kids as young as four and five. More kids in preschool and elementary school now have cell phones so parents can reach them at all times. Common Sense Media found in a recent 2019 survey that more than half of all American children have their own cell phones. 

Oops…I Dropped it Again

Having a cell phone is a big responsibility, and it can be a good way to teach your child how to value what they own and ensure they take care of it. But, let’s face it, kids drop phones. After all, we know as adults we can be just as clumsy. Life happens, especially with all the things we juggle and do. 

Knowing how easy it is to drop a cell phone, you may wonder how you can ensure that the thing that’s keeping them connected and safe is staying safe as well. Here are some tips to help you help your kids keep their phones in the best condition possible:

Phone Technology 

Some of the latest cell phones promise built-in phone protection with advanced technology to soften the blow of those mishaps. For example, Apple announced that its line of iPhone 11s features durable glass made to withstand many “drop” scenarios.

Other cell phone manufacturers have improved their technology to also better protect internal and external features. However, continual dropping can result in a damaged display screen, charging and earphone socket, and camera lens. It may even compromise the internal parts of a cell phone if it is continually dropped.

Accessories to Protect Your Phone

One of the best ways to protect your cell phone is to use a case for your phone. Many of today’s cases provide a protective layer around the entire phone, with the ability to absorb the shock of being dropped. 

Although cases come in different materials, get one with silicon. It tends to offer a better grip so it’s less likely to slip from your hand as a sleek plastic would. Also, consider cases that have other protective layers built-in to further absorb some of the impact from hitting the ground or other solid surface. Dual-layered cases that also have reinforced bumpers can provide further protection for the cell phone. 

Another option is to use a screen protector. This protective accessory for your cell phone can help maintain the display glass, often stopping it from experiencing scratches and cracks. These accessories for cell phone protection also may be able to offer some drop protection. Tempered glass screen protectors often work better than plastic screen protectors.  

Replacing a damaged case or screen protector costs significantly less than a cell phone replacement. That makes these protective cell phone accessories a worthwhile investment for your kids’ cell phone not to mention your own.  

Habits that Help Protect the Phone 

You can’t always rely on technology to save your kids’ phones from damage. As parents, it’s up to us to teach our children good habits. In doing so, our kids can learn to take better care of their belongings. It’s important to focus on the importance and value of making what we have last as long as possible. 

Be the model for your kids on how to take care of cell phones. Limit how often you reach for your phone. That means not having to hold it in your hand at all times because you are so hooked on using it. Show your kids how to put the phone in a safe place, such as a handbag or backpack. Only pull it out when you are in a place to use it with both hands. When it’s a phone kids love, they’ll learn to take care of it.

Providing a Lesson in Value

It can be challenging to instill the idea of making things last when your kids have grown up as part of a “throw-away” society. They have become accustomed to constant replacement over fix and re-use. 

However, you can help them understand to value what’s given to them by letting them know you won’t be replacing that phone or other items should they break, damage, or lose them. Knowing that’s all they get — and being consistent about that — is the first step toward helping them make a habit of taking care of their phones. 

Many parents have also allowed their kids to have expensive cell phones. Buying a child a $1,000 phone means nothing to that child. They may not fully comprehend what $1,000 means. There is most likely no way that your child could replace that expensive phone out of their allowance, and you don’t want to keep fixing or replacing $1,000 phones. 

Plus, kids don’t need a phone with that many bells and whistles, either. Many of those phones leave your child susceptible to the very dangers you are trying to avoid.

Instead, you can teach them about the value of their awesome new cell phone (that you know costs considerably less) and explain to them how it fits their finances now. Later on, as they become more responsible and earn their own money, they can be prepared to take care of a more expensive cell phone. Doing so also provides an incentive as a parent to work for what they would like to have rather than just giving them everything. 

Gabb’s Solution For Phone Protection

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