Keep Kids Safe with a Gabb Phone

Words by
John Rampton

JUN 10, 2020

Keep Kids Safe with a Gabb Phone

As parents, we know kids can be vulnerable to many things, and we want to do everything in our power to protect them. While technology has provided us with many ways to keep track of our kids, including apps that show us where they are and smartphones to stay connected, it has also created just as many concerns. These concerns present new challenges for knowing how to keep kids safe.

While wanting to protect our kids, it’s also important to not become a “helicopter parent,” hovering around them and putting them in a bubble. Our kids need to learn to be independent so they can gain the knowledge, skills, and capability to take care of themselves as they become adults. 

Keep Kids Safe with a Gabb Phone

We’re here to help you keep your child safe on the internet while helping to nurture their independence. As parents ourselves, we are on a mission to protect kids. It’s why we started Gabb. Here are the ways our Gabb Phone™ can assist you with this effort. 

Restricted Access to Risky Content

Our phones help keep kids safe by preventing kids from seeing things they really shouldn’t see and coming into contact with people who can put them in harm’s way. Kids won’t be able to access inappropriate content through social media accounts or tap into the “dark web.” 

Keeping them away from these sites can help avoid inappropriate content as well as cyberbullying and predators. As a result, we can promote good mental health and lower the risks of being exposed to dangerous content. 

Healthy Tech Habits

Stephen Dalby, Gabb founder, says, “Distraction is the thief of opportunity,” and today’s smartphones are that distraction. However, we can remove that distraction from your kids’ lives. 

Without access to digital games, social media, and Internet browsing, kids don’t have the same incentive to remain stuck to their screens as they would with a smartphone that comes with all those distracting bells and whistles.

This solution works in partnership with other strategies you might be using to ensure technology doesn’t hog all your kids’ time. This may include setting a limited screen schedule; removing all devices in the evening for charging time; and planning quality family time, participating in activities away from all screens (including television).

In turn, kids can develop healthy tech habits so they can have more opportunities to live life outside the screen. This includes spending face-to-face time with family and friends, getting more exercise and outdoor experiences, and cultivating hobbies and skills. Stepping away from tech can also provide them with opportunities to develop more social and communication skills as well as build critical interpersonal relationships to help them with work and personal lives.  

Parent Contact

Our smartphones still do what a mobile phone should do to keep kids safe: ensure kids can remain connected to parents through phone and text access. 

That way, they can contact you to let you know if their sport’s practice finished early or the location of the dance recital has changed. You know where they are, and your kids can reach out whenever they need you without you having to live in their pocket.  

Let’s work together to keep our kids safe!

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