Introducing Children to Technology

Words by
Stephen Dalby

SEP 19, 2019

Introducing Children to Technology

We had a great conversation with Madison Medeiros of today. She and our founder, Stephen Dalby, discussed the need to provide parents with age-appropriate solutions for introducing children to technology, including Gabb’s mission to keep kids safe and encourage them to live life outside the screen. Read Madison’s full article here.


  • douglas balsam on Apr 01, 2023 07:24 PM

    Can you please instal the apps on gabb phone plus on gabb phone z2 it’s unfair

  • Gabb on Apr 03, 2023 03:31 PM

    Hi there! A lot of our third-party apps are available on our Gabb Phone (Z2). These include a weather app, religious apps like Quran (Android), Gospel Library, Bible App by Olive Tree, and Daily Torah Study. We are working hard to add more, thanks for the feedback!

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