Instagram for Kids?! Here’s a Solution Every Parent Should Consider.

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Jana Dalby

APR 14, 2021

Instagram for Kids?! Here’s a Solution Every Parent Should Consider.

Facebook recently announced that it will be creating a version of Instagram for kids under the age of 13. Current social media platforms pose obvious potential threats for stranger-danger, increased social media-related bullying among peers, and a detrimental impact on a person’s self-esteem. 

Young children have simply not reached the developmental stage to process these issues and navigate them in a healthy way. Imagine how harmful it would be for kids to have even earlier exposure to an Instagram-like platform.

The Red Flags of Social Media

When used correctly and at the right age, social media can be a great tool to connect and share. However, it can also bring increased anxiety, cyberbullying, decreased sleep, negative body image, screen addiction, and more. These elements of social media are tough to manage even as an adult. Now, imagine an 8 year old trying to navigate those feelings—that could then carry on to their teen and adult years.

In addition, there’s always the privacy risk element. There have been multiple instances where personal user information has been leaked from the Facebook platform. For example, in 2019, Facebook neglected to reveal the 533 Million users’ information that was leaked online. The leak released many private facts about each user; including phone number, name, age, location, birthday, and more. Imagine if this information belonged to young kids, and it suddenly became available to strangers. Even The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal say that Facebook is one of the biggest threats to our children’s privacy. And since Facebook owns Instagram, there is no assurance that a user’s information is safe on either platform.

The current policy for social media platforms prohibits users age 13 years old and younger. However, many kids find it all too easy to falsify their age and create and maintain accounts.

The Verge found and reported a design flaw on Facebook that enabled children to sidestep safety restrictions on their phones for group chat systems, allowing them to enter chats with unapproved strangers. In an article written by Protect Young Minds, they pose the following question. “If they can’t keep kids under 13 off Instagram now, what makes them think they can keep adults posing as kids off of Instagram for Kids?” We have the same question.

Enough of the Bad News – What’s the Good News?

Here’s our solution – the Gabb Phone: the safe phone for kids. It looks like a smartphone, without all the dangerous and addictive features of an adult phone. Everything about a smartphone that scares you as a parent is removed from the Gabb Phone; no parental controls needed. The phone includes a calendar app, Bluetooth, music app, FM radio, photo gallery, voice recorder, alarm clock and a calculator; nothing more.

We all want to protect children, especially when it comes to tech and the effects it can have on a child’s well being. Gabb guarantees no social media, no Internet, no game, and no worries. Truly a safe phone, Gabb gives kids the essentials to safely stay connected, while still allowing them to enjoy being a kid. By protecting kids from premature exposure to social media, they are free to have the childhood experiences they need and deserve. 

Take the first best step. Give your kids a safe first phone and teach them healthy tech habits so they can be ready for social media when the time is right.

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