In Memory of Collin Kartchner

Words by
Jana Dalby

OCT 22, 2020

In Memory of Collin Kartchner

On behalf of the entire Gabb family, we mourn the loss of our friend and colleague Collin Kartchner who passed away on Tuesday, October 20, 2020. We extend our love and support to his wife and children who have experienced this tragic loss. 

Collin was well-beloved in his Utah community and did so much to help those around him. One of his most notable efforts is #SaveTheKids, a campaign that helps kids understand the dangers of social media and get more out of life outside of the screen. The movement led him to speak all over the country and motivated hundreds of thousands to work on their personal social media habits.

We share a strong belief with Collin that children are the future and that they should be guided and protected with their electronic use. We will do our best to continue his legacy and vision just as he would have wanted it.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to donate to the Collin Kartchner Memorial Fund. While Collin lived his entire life selflessly caring for others, today we would like to focus on taking care of him and his family. Every donation is greatly appreciated. 

Collin was a beloved father, husband, friend, and advocate. May he rest in peace and may he always be remembered for his love, dedication, and positive outlook on life. 

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