How to Show Love Through Text this Valentine’s Day

FEB 08, 2022

How to Show Love Through Text this Valentine’s Day

Flowers, gifts, sharing memorable moments, and writing heartfelt letters are great ways to show someone how you feel. But these days, even a simple text can be worth a thousand words when you send it to someone you care about. 

There are many different things you can text, but since Gabb cares about keeping loved ones connected through kid-safe tech, we’ve got a few tips when sending those 💕’s. 

So, how exactly do you help someone feel loved through texting? We’ve done some of the leg work and drummed up some ideas for you.

Send a Text to Show Someone Love

Who doesn’t love a surprise “I love you!” text from a loved one? Throughout our busy days, it means a lot when a friend, family member, or partner takes the time to write a simple, meaningful message to make someone’s day. 

Take a few seconds out of your busy day to make the most of this quick act of love. 

A Few Ideas

  • Send a “How’s your day going?” text to check in on your family and let them know you’re thinking about them. 
  • “Was just thinking about you and wanted to tell you I love you. <3”
  • Check in on a loved one who is traveling by asking, “Did you make it safe?” 
  • Maybe even ask “When will everyone be home tonight? Would love to see you!” Here you can make plans for dinner or family time together.
  • Express appreciation with a “Thank you for all you do!” text.

A simple call or text is sometimes all it takes to regain those vital connections with the people we care about. 

With the Gabb Z2 Phone, group and media messaging is available for family and friends to send their love in the form of text, photo, or video. 

The Gabb Watch comes with voice messaging capabilities, allowing the user to send heartfelt messages to any of their ten chosen contacts. Contact recipients can return the love with their own text message right from their phone; no secondary messaging app is needed. 

Additionally, the Gabb Watch comes with a collection of custom preset text messages for kids to send at the touch of a button. With Valentine’s day approaching, parents can add some variety to the preset text collection with a “Happy love day!” or “Be my valentine?” message for their kids to send out to their closest people.

Using Gabb to Stay Connected: Show Love Through Text

Excessive screen time can cause feelings of isolation and disconnect, but we can also use our tech to maintain those feelings of connection–after all, why else was the cell phone invented?

With Gabb devices, kids can stay connected to their parents, family, and friends with easy-to-use messaging features.

The Gabb Watch is the perfect next step for more messaging capabilities. With their list of ten contacts, kids can send voice messages and receive text messages back from their loved ones. Contacts can reply via text right from their phone without the need for an additional messaging app. 

Kids, parents, families, and friends can stay connected via text and group text with the Gabb Z2 Phone. Using text to stay connected has never been easier or safer.

As we all go through our busy days, a quick text is sometimes the only way we communicate with family and friends. Show those most important to you just how much you care. Heart-shaped chocolates and fancy dinners are great gestures of love to be sure. But for the most part, all it takes is a simple, “Love you” to make people smile and feel loved. 

Gabb is dedicated to connecting families and loved ones with reliable kid-safe tech. Visit here to learn more about the Gabb mission and shop Gabb products.

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