2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Christmas Ideas for Kids

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Jackie Baucom

DEC 01, 2023

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Christmas Ideas for Kids

It’s almost the season for gift giving, which means it’s already the season for holiday gift guides. Whether you’re looking for gifts for a baby or kids of all ages, there are sure to be a thousand articles out there listing great gifts that kids love.

One challenge parents often face is that many of the most popular gifts lead to excess screen time. 

Experts recommend that children get 60 minutes of physical activity per day. However, recent studies from the CDC indicate that less than a quarter of kids under the age of 17 actually do.  

When kids engage in active play, it opens them up to numerous physical and mental health benefits, such as improved mood, body strengthening, and better sleep. In addition, regular activity for kids can help them prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

You probably don’t have time to skim through a hundred lists of gift ideas to filter out the ones that are fun but not so great for your kid’s well-being. A lot already goes into making each year your kids’ favorite Christmas ever! So, in a spirit of helpfulness, we’ve pulled together a list of exciting kid friendly gift ideas that help keep your kids active.

(And for what it’s worth, we don’t earn a commission if you buy any of these other brands’ products. We just like them.)

Instant Camera

polaroid camera

A camera for kids isn’t just a gadget, it’s a ticket to adventure. This gift is a perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation by instantly printing credit-card-seized photos, making memories tangible. Encourage kids to capture the great outdoors, whether it’s on a hike or the backyard.


ezy roller classic

A cross between a bike and a scooter, the EzyRoller is a smooth-riding toy that mimics “an instinctive reptilian movement.” Kids are sure to have fun sliding across the asphalt in these fun contraptions, and many may find these even more accessible than a bike, as balance isn’t a factor in making the EzyRoller run effortlessly. Kids control the toy by moving their legs; you can even incorporate fun games like shooting hoops and racing. Don’t forget a helmet!

Obstacle course set

kid on a monkey bars

An obstacle kit is the way to go for kids looking for a challenge, adventure, or a little bit of competitive energy. Train alongside your kids as ninja warriors with a comprehensive obstacle course kit such as this one from Gentle Boom Sports. 

Obstacle course kits encourage confidence, creativity, and trust in oneself as kids learn to build strength, overcome obstacles, climb, fall, and play as they utilize these kits. With an ability to hold up to 440 lbs, this gift can be enjoyed by the whole family and provides opportunities for everyone to get outside and get moving.

Pickleball set

Pickleball has taken the country by storm in the past few years. It combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It’s easy to learn and designed for all skill levels. Help kids enhance their hand-eye coordination, agility, and teamwork skills, all while having a blast.

Gabb Watch 3

gabb watch 3

For parents and guardians looking to provide their kids with a safe way to get in touch that encourages them to get active, look no further than Gabb Watch 3. Featuring Gabb Go, kids can develop a sense of responsibility and caregiving abilities by feeding, petting, and washing their own digital pet. Kids earn coins by getting active and completing parent-assigned tasks. Coins can be used to purchase additional pets or actions. 

Gabb Watch 3 is also equipped with GPS tracking and the ability to program in “Safe Zones,” allowing kids more freedom to roam, and giving parents peace of mind as to their safety.

Additional Ideas

family smiling in christmas snow

The best gifts often depend on the child’s interests and preferences. Think of something that aligns with their hobbies or encourages them to try new activities. 

  • Sports equipment
  • Bicycles and scooters
  • Nature exploration kits
  • Dance classes
  • Martial arts classes
  • Swim lessons
  • Water toys
  • Sporty clothes or shoes
  • Local museum or attraction passes

Sometimes we can get caught up in consumerism with all the sales going on. But gifts don’t have to cost a thing! Often, the most thoughtful gifts are those that are homemade. Here are some ideas that will bring the family closer together, won’t break the bank, and kids will enjoy receiving or giving:

  • Vouchers for monthly family outings
  • Handmade puzzles using a family picture
  • DIY terrarium
  • Checklist for local hikes
  • Memory book with quotes, jokes, photos, and fun memories
  • Handmade storybook with personalized illustrations
  • Nature scavenger hunt 
  • Pressed flower bookmarks
  • Camping trip
  • DIY bird feeder to observe visiting birds
  • DIY miniature fairy garden

We hope you found some ideas that will work for your family. What are some of the most loved gifts in your home? Share in the comments below.

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