Gabb Phone 4 Pro: The Safe Phone Built for Teens

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Jake Cutler

JUL 01, 2024

Gabb Phone 4 Pro: The Safe Phone Built for Teens

Teens’ needs evolve as fast as the technology they use — and that can make it feel impossible to keep up as a parent.

The number of apps kids use is growing, as is the research showing a connection between unsafe apps like social media and a decline in teens’ mental health.

Which is why we are thrilled to introduce the next evolution in kid-safe technology: Gabb Phone 4 Pro!

This flexible device allows parents to give their kids access to apps for school and extracurricular activities without the associated risks of social media and other harmful apps.

The Gabb Phone 4 Pro gives parents a powerful tool to help teens learn how to use technology through a safe phone tailored to their individual needs. 

What is Gabb Phone 4 Pro All About?

The Gabb Phone 4 Pro curbs the major risks of personal devices by preventing the download of social media apps or internet browser apps. Parents can customize the teen’s phone by adding apps they need through a growing Gabb-reviewed app library.

Third-Party Apps: Gabb-Reviewed, Parent-Enabled

In addition to essential apps from Gabb, apps that can be helpful or necessary at certain stages of kids’ and teens’ lives can be made available on Gabb Phone 4 Pro. This category of apps has been reviewed by Gabb, and can only be added to your kid’s phone by enabling them through the Gabb parent portal.

We’re constantly reviewing and adding vetted apps to the library from a wide range of categories, including:

  • School & Learning (e.g. Schoology, Duolingo)
  • Mindfulness & Spirituality (e.g. Calm, Bible Gateway)
  • Club & Sports Communication (e.g. Band, All Ball) 
  • Food (e.g. Taco Bell)
  • Accessibility (e.g. sign language, text-to-speech)
  • Sports & News (e.g. ESPN)

And many more (see the full list in our app library)

Gabb Guard & Gabb Messenger

Gabb Phone 4 Pro comes standard with Gabb Guard and Gabb Messenger to protect kids and teens through smart filtering that helps eliminate spam calls, risky links, and explicit content from getting to your kid.

Prevention is better than damage control and Gabb Guard stops over 90% of suspected spam calls from reaching the device in the first place.

Similarly, Gabb Messenger blocks images with explicit content, links from unknown contacts, and harmful words. Easy parent monitoring on a parent device gives parents peace of mind and teens a safe environment to learn how to responsibly communicate with friends and family.

Gabb Messenger’s safe video calling enables one-on-one video calls exclusively with contacts that use Gabb phones or with parents or guardians who use Gabb Messenger Parent and are paired with a Gabb phone. Through smart monitoring, if nudity is detected, the call will end, the video calling feature will be locked, and parents will be notified through the Gabb Messenger Parent app or via email.

Gabb Music+

Most Gabb Phone 4 Pro plans include Gabb Music, a first-of-its-kind music streaming app that offers clean hits, classics, and new releases from top artists in all genres and eras. With Gabb Music+, teens can create their own playlists, search our vast library by song or artist, and stream music on the go.

gabb music+

It allows kids to reap the benefits of music without exposing them to the potential dangers. Giving the good and eliminating the bad is pretty much Gabb’s tech mission in a nutshell.

Gabb Maps

Gabb Maps is a custom navigation app that was developed as a direct result of one of the most common requests from parents. Gabb teamed with a company called HERE — widely recognized as the most complete maps platform — to provide a safe, easy-to-use navigation app regularly edited with fresh and accurate map data. 

Gabb Maps is available for parents to enable on Gabb Phone 4 Pro and doesn’t collect kids’ data or contain any ads, user-generated content, or images from businesses. For additional protection, Gabb Maps also excludes phone numbers, websites, and store hours for all adult-only businesses. 

Reliable GPS

Most teens are on the move, almost constantly. Bouncing between school, extracurriculars, and hanging with friends, there are bound to be plenty of times where it would be nice to know just where they are.

Through our free app on your own device you can easily track your kid’s location at any time and set customizable Safe Zones that notify you when your child leaves and enters a specified location. Oh, and it’s easy to trigger a locating noise to find a lost phone. Because that’s bound to happen at least a time or two.

Safety That Sparkles

Safety is our top priority. But that doesn’t mean Gabb Phone 4 Pro had to be lame. In fact, we think it’s so cool your kid or teen will be proud to pull it out of their pocket, no matter who is around.

The Gabb Phone 4 Pro is our newest generation of the Gabb Pro model, built specifically to allow flexibility for teens.

Upgrades include: 

  • 5G coverage
  • Improved selfie camera (13MP vs. 8MP) 
  • Triple rear-facing camera – 50MP Wide, 5MP Ultrawide, 2MP Macro
  • A lot more storage (128 GB vs. 32 GB)
  • Increased RAM for faster processing (4GB vs. 3GB)
  • Unlimited contacts

What stayed the same: 

  • The price
  • The size (width and thickness) 

Visit the Gabb Phone 4 Pro learn page for detailed specifications.

Tech in Steps

When and how to introduce your child to technology is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Every family and every child is unique.

At Gabb, we try to empower families with the tools they need to embrace technology responsibly at every stage of a child’s growth and development. If Gabb Phone 4 Pro doesn’t seem like the right fit for your kid at this point, take a look at Gabb Phone or Gabb Watch 3.

Are you as excited as we are for Gabb Phone 4 Pro? Let us know in the comments.

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