Gabb & Greenlight: Empowering Families with Safe Financial Tech

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Abby Alger

NOV 09, 2023

Gabb & Greenlight: Empowering Families with Safe Financial Tech

Raising financially smart kids just got easier.

Greenlight and Gabb are excited to announce their partnership—parents can now help their child learn financial skills by adding Greenlight to their child’s Gabb phone.

And Gabb members benefit even more with an exclusive deal of 3 months of Greenlight – free! With Greenlight now available on all Gabb phones — Gabb Phone, Gabb Phone Plus, and Gabb Phone 3 Pro — it’s a match made in kid-safe tech heaven. 

What is Greenlight?

teen girl holding cell phone with greenlight app and greenlight credit card

The Greenlight app is an educational money management tool helping parents teach their children financial literacy and prepare them for the financial realities of adulthood.

Parents can manage allowances, track savings, and supervise their children’s spending.

Kids can complete chores for money, set savings goals, and learn responsible financial skills through content and a financial literacy game on the Greenlight app. 

Gabb & Greenlight: Complimentary Missions

Gabb and Greenlight share a commitment to protect and prepare younger generations to thrive as adults. Gabb is on a misson to protect children, connect families, and empower parents. We provide safe phones that grow with kids and teens as they develop crucial digital skills and establish a healthy relationship with technology.

Greenlight’s mission is for every child to have the opportunity to become financially healthy and happy. Their program provides debit cards for kids and a kid-friendly app with financial education games, investing options, and tools for saving. 

Greenlight and Gabb’s missions underline a shared dedication to fostering a generation that is confident, skilled, and prepared for the world ahead.

Ready to Snag this Deal?

mom showing her son a greenlight credit card

Greenlight is offering an exclusive deal for Gabb customers—3 months of Greenlight’s full financial suite for free.

To sign up, head to this page made just for Gabb customers. No promo code is needed! Need step-by-step instructions? We’ve got you covered.

Are you as excited about this partnership as we are? What challenges have you faced as a parent in teaching your kids how to use money? Let us know in the comments!

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