Gabb x GetOutPass

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Jana Dalby

NOV 13, 2020

Gabb x GetOutPass

More time outside and less time on screens: It’s what every parent wants for their kids, but getting kids to put down their devices is a lot tougher than getting them to eat their vegetables. To help families get quality time in the safety of the outdoors, Gabb is partnering with GetOutPass, a national adventure venue operator, on an exciting promotion this November. The partnership has both a contest and a discount component.

Today’s teenagers are spending almost eight hours a day in front of a screen. While Gabb’s feature-limited smartphones can reduce the risk of tech addiction, they’re not the only tools parents need in their toolkits. On the other side of the coin are exciting activities—something GetOutPass has in spades.

Why Gabb and GetOutPass Are Teaming Up

Gabb founder, Stephen Dalby, and Charles Bellison, founder of GetOutPass, agree: Kids are spending too much time on screens. 

As a parent, Stephen knew his kids needed a phone to stay in touch. He wanted them, like other kids, to be able to take pictures and listen to music with their friends. But all the things that keep kids tied to their phones—social media, apps, and internet access—he wasn’t interested in.

Charles came at the problem from the opposite direction. He founded GetOutPass to help his family get out and experience more together. He found it could be difficult and expensive to try new things so he came up with a solution to offset the cost of getting out and having fun. GetOutPass has theme parks, escape rooms, and more in 14 U.S. states and is continuing to expand.

How to Win a Pass or a New Phone

To help parents and kids get out of the house, Gabb and GetOutPass are running a giveaway contest. Gabb is giving out a free Gabb Phone with a full year of paid service on its network. GetOutPass is offering four free passes to winners. 

So how can you throw your name in the ring? It’s easy: All you have to do is comment below the promotion social post on Gabb’s Facebook or Instagram or on GetOutPass promotion social post with your favorite GetOutPass venue and activity. If you’re not sure, check out the options on their site. 

The winner of the contest will be announced Tuesday, November 17, 2020. No purchase is necessary to win.

What if you don’t win? You’ll still be eligible for a valuable promotion. By providing your email address to Gabb and GetOutPass, you will receive discount codes to land some great deals. 

Your discount code will get you $25 off any Gabb phone purchase. With GetOutPass, the code is good for a 25-50% off the pass. GetOutPass passes normally cost $149.95. These codes will be available until Friday, November 20, so be sure to claim your deals before the holidays. 

The Gabb and GetOutPass promotion is a cost-effective way to help parents and kids reclaim their time. Even if you don’t win, you’ll come out a stronger family. And after all, isn’t that the ultimate prize?

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