What is the Gabb Life Contest Series?

OCT 04, 2021

What is the Gabb Life Contest Series?

In 2019, Gabb was founded and became the first-ever cell phone and cellular network just for kids

Little did we know that this idea would spark a movement that would unite thousands of families across the United States who are living beyond the screen.

As a result, we decided to launch the 1st annual Gabb Life Contest Series in October of 2020 to not only give kids an opportunity to showcase their talents, but to inspire them to continue living beyond the screen.

Now (a year later), Gabb is excited to announce our 2nd annual Gabb Life Contest Series along with a few BIG changes that have been made to the series!

What is the Gabb Life Contest Series?

The Gabb Life Contest Series is a series of monthly contests designed for kids to showcase the amazing talents that they’ve developed by living beyond the screen.

Each contest highlights kids with different skills (for example, last year’s contest series featured kids who design t-shirts, skateboard, surf, ski and snowboard, and who sing and write songs) and culminates with the GABB AMBASSADOR SEARCH—the grand finale contest that determines 1 winner who takes home $10,000 and a year-long contract as the next GABB AMBASSADOR.

Changes to This Year’s Contest Series

Last year’s contest series was amazing, but we’ve made a few changes that we believe will make this year’s contest series even better.

For Gabb Customers Only

Yes, you read that correctly. You must be a current Gabb customer in order to participate in this year’s contest series. We want to find Gabb Ambassadors who authentically represent our mission and recognize that no one could embody our brand better than the very people who are using our products every single day.

Only 50 Finalists Can Compete for the $10K Grand Prize

Last year, anyone could compete in the GABB AMBASSADOR SEARCH regardless of whether or not they competed in a previous contest in the series. This year, only 50 FINALISTS (10 finalists from each contest) will be invited to compete in the GABB AMBASSADOR SEARCH in March of 2022.

2 Live Events

While every contest was held online last year, this year’s contest series will feature 2 live events: a skateboard, BMX, and scooter event at the Indoor Action Sports Hub at Woodward in Park City, Utah on November 20th, 2021 and a singer/songwriter and instrumentalist event onstage in Nashville, Tennessee on February 26th, 2022.

All Contests Open on October 1st, 2021

Finally, while submissions for last year’s series followed a monthly contest cadence, submissions for every contest in this year’s series will open on October 1st, 2021. Just make sure to check the submission deadlines for each contest at gabblife.com/contests because the submission deadlines are different for each contest (for example, submissions for the CREATE contest will close in October, submissions for the STREET contest will close in November, etc.).

How to Participate in This Year’s Contest Series

There are 3 ways to participate in this year’s Gabb Life Contest Series:

  • Submit an entry
  • Vote for your favorite contestants
  • Spread the word

Submit an Entry

Current Gabb customers who are 16 or younger can have their parent or legal guardian help them enter any of 5 contests—CREATE, STREET, VARIETY, MOVE, and MUSIC—starting October 1st, 2021 at gabblife.com.

Each contest has unique submission requirements, but it’s generally as simple as making a 1-minute video of your unique talent or skill and uploading it to the corresponding contest at gabblife.com before the contest’s submission deadline.

You can find all of the submission details for each contest at gabblife.com/contests

Vote for Your Favorite Contestants

10 FINALISTS from each contest will be selected to compete in the GABB AMBASSADOR SEARCH in March of 2022—the 5 contestants with the most votes from the public, plus 5 additional contestants selected by our very own judges.

Anyone can vote for their favorite contestants during each contest’s public voting period. Each contest has a unique public voting period, but it’s generally on the 3rd week of each month (between October 2021 to February 2022) starting on Monday at 12:00pm MT and ending on Friday at 12:00pm MT.

Voters can vote once a day per entry during the public voting period by logging in with their Facebook or email account.

You can find all of the public voting details for each contest at gabblife.com/contests

Spread the Word

If you know a Gabb customer who is 16 or younger who has amazing talents or skills, we want to know about it!

Encourage them to check out this year’s Gabb Life Contest Series at gabblife.com/contests! If we don’t have a contest in this year’s series that highlights their unique talents or skills, have them e-mail us directly at contests@gabb.com

We are so excited to see the amazing talents that our customers have been able to develop by living beyond the screen!

—The Gabb Contest Team

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