Gabb’s Annual Black Friday Sale Details

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Jake Cutler

NOV 17, 2023

Gabb’s Annual Black Friday Sale Details

This Black Friday, treat your child (and yourself!) to the perfect blend of safety and connection! With a Gabb device, you’ll have peace of mind whether they’re at school, practice, or chilling with friends.

Stay updated with their real-time location, reach out during emergencies, and wave goodbye to screen time concerns—all at an unbeatable price. Don’t miss out on our Black Friday sale!

Sale Details

Starting November 17th, you can get our best deal of the year: Free Gabb Phone or 50% OFF Gabb Watch 3 or Gabb Phone 3 Pro PLUS 3 free months of service. Ends November 27, 2023.

Dates: November 17 – 27, 2023

Deal: Free Gabb Phone, 50% off Gabb Watch 3 or Gabb Phone 3 Pro PLUS 3 free months of service on any device.

Gabb Watch 3: The safe phone kids wear.

As the first step in kid-safe tech, Gabb Watch 3 is a device for kids that always stays with them, while safe monitoring and safe connection offer parents peace of mind.

Shop Gabb Watch 3

Gabb Phone: The perfect first phone.

Smart, safe, and ready to connect, Gabb Phone is tailored to kids who are ready for the responsibility of a smartphone, and parents who are looking for connectivity, safety, and practicality.

Shop Gabb Phone

Gabb Phone 3 Pro: The flexible phone for teens.

Gabb Phone 3 Pro is the flexible teen phone that empowers safer connections at every stage, and adapts to their ever-changing needs.

Shop Gabb Phone 3 Pro

Get Safety + Peace of Mind this Black Friday!

Despite the challenges, technology can be a safe and exciting part of growing up. For many kids, receiving a new phone as a gift is as fun as receiving a new bike or game.

We’re big believers in taking tech in steps and we firmly believe that parents know their children best, which means they know best when their kid is ready for a device.

If your child is ready to take one of their first few steps into technology, now is a great time to get Gabb.


  • Jeremy on Nov 22, 2023 02:52 PM

    I have been a user of Gabb's services for years for two of my daughters. While not perfect, and often a bit buggy, these phones have served their purpose. Now that Gabb has moved forward with an app store with third party apps to compete with the likes of Pinwheel and Bark, my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to allow our girls access. So I upgraded both phones (paying almost full price for one of them) and upgraded both plans to access the apps. However, it wasn't until we tried to set up the phones and after spending 2.5 hours chatting with a tech that I found out there's a system issue causing multiple problems with the phone pro 3 that Gabb is still trying to resolve: 1. Data cannot be synced from the Gabb cloud. So if you have an existing Gabb phone and want to move your contacts and pictures to the pro 3, it can't be done. 2. There's an annoying notification about the IT admin allowing a couple apps to access location that comes up over and over and over and over... 3. Apps get stuck open and there's absolutely no way to close them. Restarting and shutting down doesn't even work. This is what I ran into just setting them up. There could be other issues that crop up. So my girls are currently using their old phones. Gabb has no information on this issue and they continue to push this deal for the upgraded phone. My recommendation is to stay away until it has been resolved.

  • Gabb on Dec 01, 2023 04:24 PM

    Hi Jeremy! Thank you for reaching out and offering up your experience and feedback. We appreciate hearing from our customers and are always striving to be better. We would love to hear more from you and see what we could do about improving your experience with us. We have reached out!

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