What is Jasper AI? And is it Safe for Kids?

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Jackie Baucom

JUN 19, 2024

What is Jasper AI? And is it Safe for Kids?

Have you heard of Jasper AI? With the rapid rise of artificial intelligence tools, it can be hard to keep track of them all.

As these tools are transforming everyday life, it’s crucial for parents to stay informed about new technologies. Additionally, understanding AI can help us manage screen time, protect personal data, and monitor online interactions. 

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is an advanced language model platform designed to assist with content production such as blog posts, product descriptions, and marketing copy (including long form content). Jasper can also help with digital marketing, customer service, and heavy editing. 

It uses natural language processing to generate text in a preferred tone of voice, optimize copy, and provide creative solutions to help users streamline their writing processes and enhance productivity.

Users can integrate Jasper with other apps such as Google Chrome and other Google suite apps, Make, and Pabbly Connect.

Jasper was made with professionals in mind, so there are no free versions available (only a 7-day free trial). With its cheapest subscription plan starting at $39 per month, it’s unlikely kids will be interested in using Jasper when there are free AI tools capable of content creation elsewhere.

Parents who may use Jasper themselves should exercise caution if their computer is accessible to a child, as it opens up the opportunity for usage (especially with a Chrome extension).

Safety Concerns With Jasper AI

Similar to other AI writing tools, Jasper AI has the potential for generating misleading or inappropriate content, such as factual inaccuracies, or writing NSFW (not suitable for work) stories.

There are also risks related to data privacy and security, as sensitive information used by the AI could be vulnerable to breaches or misuse. AI systems face significant risks as it often requires large datasets to function effectively and contain sensitive personal information.

Protecting Kids

AI is a powerful tool with the potential to greatly enhance our lives by offering conveniences such as a personalized learning experience. To prepare our children for future jobs, we must embrace new technology and learn to adapt.

However, parents should exercise caution and supervise the use of any AI tools to mitigate the risks that can come with using them. By teaching kids critical thinking and responsible usage, parents can help avoid AI’s pitfalls, and reap the benefits these tools provide.

Have you used Jasper AI? Do you think it’s an appropriate tool for kids? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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