Additional Resources for the Single Parent

DEC 01, 2021

Additional Resources for the Single Parent

With the start of every holiday season, parents face the particular pressure of ensuring a memorable time for their children. Everything from gifts, treats, and magical holiday experiences- it is the hope and endeavor of every parent to make the holidays a time their kids will never forget. 

This task of bringing magic to the season, however, can be exceptionally difficult for some parents. Some families scrape every last dollar together just to keep the lights on or the heater running in the house. Sometimes, especially for single parents, this financial struggle during this time of year is tenfold. 

The bottom line: Parents want the best for their kids. They want to provide comfort and security for them, and to make the holidays special—a task more difficult for some than others. This can be especially challenging when parenting alone.

Single parents can take comfort knowing they have numerous available resources to aid with specific needs. Consider the following list of issues particular to single parents and the most available resources in each category:

Food assistance

  1.  If a single parent’s kids are in public school, they may be eligible for free or reduced-cost breakfast and lunch.

  2.  For children under five years of age, single parents may be eligible for WIC.

Rental Information

  1. For single parents unable to pay their rent or utilities.

  2. Like many others, single parents can fall victim to illegal action by a landlord. It’s critical to know one’s rights.

Child Care

  1. Single parents can save time finding child care in their area.

  2. Single parents can reference their state website for information on financial assistance for child care.
Single Mom Looking at Daughter's Eyes

Child Support

  1. Children of a single-parent household are entitled to child support. Each state has a child support division. Single parents can find help proving paternity and getting a child support order. 

  2. For single parents who have an existing court order and are due “back child support,” Support Kids is a non-governmental source for help. An additional cost is required, but it may be a productive choice for parents frustrated with the state.

Paying for College

  1. The best source of free and low-interest funding for college.

  2. For single mothers looking to go to college, possible scholarships and grants are available.

Affordable Medical Care

  1. No single parent should have to choose between seeing a doctor and paying basic living expenses. Partnership for Prescription Assistance assists with certain medical costs and referrals to other programs, depending on eligibility.

  2. Single parents and their children may qualify for Medicaid- usually administered by the Social Services office in a given area, also known as The Office Of Health or Human Services.

Providing Holiday Gifts

  1. Toys For Tots is a well-respected provider of toys for children. Sponsored by the Marine Corps Reserves, they do their best to see that every child gets a toy on Christmas morning.

  2. Churches endeavor to help needy families provide Christmas presents or dinners. Single parents can find local establishments offering assistance.

Gabb: A Single Parent Advocate

In addition to the many available nationwide resources for single parents, Gabb is actively engaged in providing resources and aid, proving to be a leading advocate for the single-parent household. 

On November 3, 2021, Gabb hosted a major giveaway of 2,500 Gabb Z2 Phones. The giveaway served as the kickoff to the annual “Gabb Days of Giving” campaign. This year’s giveaway was catered specifically to single parents. Proving to be a huge success, parents claimed all 2,500 available Gabb Phones within the first few hours. The outreach response was overwhelming. Parent comments and “thank you’s” poured into the Gabb Customer Service line. 

This week, Gabb continues its “Gabb Days of Giving” initiative with a $10,000 donation to the Single Parent Advocate Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Dallas, Texas. The donation intends to help provide Thanksgiving dinners and holiday gifts for needy single families.

Parents, especially single parents, work tirelessly to support and provide for their families. They need to know they are not alone. With these listed resources, we hope single parents in need find the necessary aid and comfort for their families this holiday season.

 Resources: 100 Top Useful Resources For Single Moms;

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