Gabb Referral Program: More sharing, more savings!

DEC 07, 2021

Gabb Referral Program: More sharing, more savings!

Gabb stands with a mission and a message that we believe can benefit all families. The enthusiastic wide-spreading of this message is crucial to protecting more kids and connecting more families. 

Who could better spread the word of kid-safe tech and “living beyond the screen” than the kids, parents, and families already benefiting from the Gabb lifestyle? 

Our customers find us from various sources: social media, public ads, commercial content, etc. But the most contagious form of advertising is directly from the mouths of our biggest fans: current Gabb customers. This word-of-mouth marketing makes for the best win-win situation for everyone involved. Why? 

Three words: Gabb Referral Program. 

Gabb has provided the ultimate incentive for current customers to spread the word and bring new people into the Gabb family. 

Any Gabb phone number belonging to an existing customer can also double as a promo code for new customers. 

By sharing their Gabb phone number for a new customer to use as a promo code, new customers can receive the current best deal available for a discount off their first Gabb device purchase, and the current customer can earn one month of free service- WIN-WIN.

Gabb’s Referral Process 

Find a friend with a Gabb account, and use their referral code to get the best current deal available for a discount off their first Gabb device! You can find the simple process in detail on Gabb’s referral page.

Step 1: Find a Friend

Find a Gabb Family—most importantly, a parent with a Gabb Account. Need help? Reach out to your network on social media!

Step 2: Parent Phone Number

Have your Gabb friend locate the parent phone number on their Gabb Account. They can find this by logging into their MyAccount and clicking “Account Information.”

Step 3: Claim the Discount

Enter their parent phone number as a “Promo Code” at checkout. The discount will apply immediately.

Step 4: Keep Saving

Refer new customers to Gabb! When a friend enters your parent phone number as a “Promo Code” and buys a phone, your account will receive a FREE month of service. Invite more friends and earn even more months FREE!

Gabb benefits the family unit in every possible aspect. 

By providing kid-safe tech, free of the internet and social media, kids can enjoy their childhoods and live free of the burdens of tech addiction, cyberbullying, pornography, and everything else that comes with excessive-tech access.  

Parents can have peace of mind, knowing their kids are safe using technology made especially for them. Families are no longer distracted from each other with their devices. They can enjoy memorable activities and conversations together without the interference of technology.

All of this is made even better with the Gabb referral program. Parents have limitless opportunities to share their number (referral code), bring more people to Gabb, and bank up unlimited months of free service. 

two happy girls looking at a phone

Among the many customers taking advantage of this program, Morgan N. from Washington D.C has gone above and beyond, bringing 71 new customers to Gabb, thereby accruing 71 months of free service- that’s almost six years of Gabb for FREE!

Morgan N. says: “It’s easy to share a product when you truly love it. And, Gabb’s referral program rewards those shares. The referral program is super easy, your referral code is your (the parent’s) phone number. So in conversation, when you’re raving about this phone, it’s simple to say, “when you check out, if you use my phone number as a promo code, you get $30 off.” You don’t even need to send a special link. They don’t have to ask you for something special.”

“I’ve recommended this to all the families I know (city and suburban alike) who feel their kid needs a phone- whether for transportation logistics, to connect with friends, or even just to fit in. Every other tech product we had used for our kids was either extremely juvenile or an adult product that you had to limit, monitor, and consistently alter permission settings. I felt like I was always missing something. We wanted something for our 11-year old that would allow her to talk and text and enable us to locate her. Our kid is very responsible, but handing her an open-ended phone opens her up to a world of content she may not [be ready] for. We didn’t want that. Gabb fit the bill in every way.”

The Gabb referral program is the cherry on top of the ideal tech-for-kids package: safe, reliable, family-centered, and affordable for everyone. New and current customers can take limitless advantage of this incentive program, not only to benefit their wallets, but to continue furthering the Gabb mission. 

Visit the Gabb referral program page and the Gabb homepage to learn more about our many current promotional offers. 

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