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Ending the Screen Zombie Apocalypse

Words by
John Rampton

JUN 05, 2020

Ending the Screen Zombie Apocalypse

Beware of the screen zombies! So many kids and adults have turned into a screen zombie that we could have an apocalypse on our hands if we don’t act now to save them!

Signs of a Screen Zombie

Here’s how to spot a screen zombie in your home or neighborhood:

  • They appear dazed and confused. 
  • They grunt when you talk to them. In the most extreme cases, these screen zombies may also lash out with loud voices and a wave of the arms. It’s important to not to rile them up or they could prove quite dangerous. 
  • They are known to walk in front of vehicles, fall into shopping center fountains, and fall from curbs. You know they are screen zombies when they pick themselves up and walk off, continuing to stare at their screens. 
  • They appear to be permanently glued to a device, oftentimes oblivious to what is going on around them. 

As far as we know, this breed of zombie does not yet eat brains. In this case, the screens appear to eat the brains of their users. In fact, research from Heidelberg University has found that smartphone use can alter human brain structure and reduce certain areas that are critical for thinking. 

First, the Bad News 

Let’s start with the bad news first so we can get that out of the way. Screen addiction is growing and having an adverse effect on society, relationships, and life quality. Research from KDA Engineering found that most Americans (92%) believe smartphone addiction is real, but don’t realize that they may be addicted themselves. Although 60 percent of Americans believe they touch their phone 100 times or less per day, the reality is that they use it, on average, 2,617 times per day.

Also, BankMyCell found some other troubling statistics about screen time. Nearly 50 percent of smartphone users that participated in the research stated they have tried to limit their screen time in the past, but only 30 percent believe they were successful at doing so. Eighty percent of smartphone users will check their phone within one hour of waking up or going to sleep while 85 percent also admit they look at their screens while speaking with friends and family that are right in front of them.  

Screen addiction has become so serious that it now even has a name: Nomophobia. This condition is having a fear of not being with your smartphone. Being separated from it due to misplacement, a request to have it switched off, or phone issues (lack of charge, no WiFi access, physical phone problem) has been known to create anxiety and agitation similar to people with other types of addiction. 

Overcoming phone addiction and managing screen time is difficult enough for adults. Kids are also getting smartphones at younger ages, so many teens and preteens are facing the same issues. 

Now, the Good News

The good news is there is an antidote for those already infected as well as a vaccine for those that could turn into a screen zombie. 

Gabb Phones™ promote healthier, smaller amounts of screen time for kids. By removing many of the temptations that hold kids and adults to their screens like apps, games, social media accounts, and Internet surfing, there is less of an incentive to spend hours in front of it. 

Instead, it goes back to being for communication only. That way, kids using the Gabb Phone can focus on person-to-person interaction as well as healthy choices for their time, such as outdoor fun, social activities, hobbies, reading, sports, and more. Rather than be addicted to something that sucks out quality time, critical thinking, imagination, and interpersonal relationships, you’ll be free to enjoy life for what it should be. 

We’ve Got the Cure!

We’re happy to report that screen zombies can recover. No more hunched over, mindless walking or huddling on the sofa! Most have been able to regain their ability to have a conversation and left the grunts and snorts behind. Help prevent more kids from becoming a screen zombie by promoting the Gabb Phone today!

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